The Security Council or the resolution calls for countries to stop the nuclear test face gossip

The Security Council passed a resolution requiring countries to stop or explosive nuclear test the original title: the UN Security Council passed a resolution to stop or explosive nuclear tests in new network on 23 September, according to foreign media reports, the United Nations Security Council this month 22 days, in New York on the morning of 23 held "Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty" (CTBT) related meetings. The meeting is expected to adopt a resolution requiring all countries to stop the explosive nuclear test. According to reports, the drafting of the resolution and related negotiations led by the United states. Advocate the "world without nuclear weapons and the nuclear Hiroshima made an historic visit to the United States President Obama hopes to maintain the momentum of the abolition of nuclear weapons, and the implementation of the fifth nuclear test of North Korea to contain. The Obama administration has always wanted the United States to approve CTBT at an early date, but it has not been able to do so because of opposition from the opposition Republican party. Obama’s move is also in order to make international public opinion through the resolution to Congress pressure, but this is bound to cause a rebound in the Republican party. U.S. Assistant Secretary of state Conte Riemann, 22, said the resolution will strengthen the suspension of explosive nuclear tests, and require countries to improve the global monitoring system for nuclear testing". The original draft was written in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations in the seventh chapter, the basis of the sanctions, and states that the obligation to report regularly, but because of opposition from Russia and so was removed. Although some concessions, but the United States attaches importance to the early adoption. The resolution stressed the importance and urgency of the CTBT as soon as possible, and said the nuclear armed countries to stop the explosive nuclear test is an example of a responsible international stance". The resolution does not call the name of the United States and other countries have not yet ratified the CTBT 8 treaties signed by the signing and ratification of the founding of the country as soon as possible. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: