The southern section of Fuzhou Metro Line 1 has about 1 million 500 thousand passenger service test sugus

The southern section of Fuzhou Metro Line 1 test operation has about 1 million 500 thousand passengers travel service many tourists take the subway to the train station. Metro Line 1 from the day of the trial operation is getting closer. Reporters yesterday from the city subway line No. 1 of the company was informed that the trial operation has been 185 days, the overall service number of passengers about 1 million 500 thousand passengers. Yesterday morning the people within the trigeminal Street angle, Xiamen Airlines flight attendants dressed in blue uniforms and day wearing a red, navy blue uniforms of Fuzhou Metro "service star" players became the scene of a landscape. "Xiamen Airlines Service" as the industry benchmark, is moving passengers, with the truth and sincerity oriented, customer-focused, the same as the service industry, this is also the Fuzhou subway line opened after the target service." Fuzhou metro company spokesman Zhang Minghui told reporters that since last year, the Fuzhou subway please Xiamen Airlines Fuzhou branch for the Metro Company provided 2 batches of 200 passengers service promotion training. This year is a crucial year in the southern section of Metro Line 1, North building, is the public transport service brand into the year. To build the quality of subway, Zhang Minghui introduced in August this year, adhering to a warm one plus one star service zero distance "as the theme, Metro Company launched to enhance the quality of service, communication of the subway culture 2016 season" service star "series of theme activities, through the arrangement of the public angle, 12345 channels at the same time, the the public needs and opinions of statistics, the maximum extent to meet the demand for services. (Sun Manwen, Ye Yibin) (Fuzhou daily) (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: