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The supermarket stores sold fish on the market quality of live freshwater fish in good condition – Beijing yesterday, a number of supermarkets in the city will resume selling fresh fish. Municipal Food and drug administration, the latest data show that from November 15th to November 24th during the 10 day period, fish trading the city several large wholesale market of more than 220 kilograms, turnover of more than 3000 yuan, the good safety conditions of freshwater fish. A number of supermarkets selling fish yesterday afternoon, the Beijing morning news reporters came to a Tiankelong supermarket on Wangjing Road, aquatic products sales area in the aquarium could live fish, carp, carp, grass carp…… Variety is complete. See to the customer, the salesman quickly greeted: "just to fish, you have a bar?" Reporters from the Lotte Mart stores in Chongwen and cheaper Yizhuang store also learned that more than supermarkets are selling fish. Yesterday morning, the Beijing Municipal Food and drug administration law enforcement officers in the city two supermarket fish sampling. Law enforcement officers said that the submission of fresh fish, will mainly check the malachite green, the two kinds of nitrofuran drugs. According to reports, these two types of drugs similar to fish "aerator, can improve the survival of the fish. Due to the complexity of the test, it can not be quickly seized, you must get a professional inspection to check the time in three or four days. Reporters learned that, after the end of the inspection, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration will be unified sampling information to the public, such as the emergence of substandard products, will be investigated according to law. Adequate supply of fish market reporter was informed that the city’s aquatic products business market mainly including Shenzhen, xinfade, yuegezhuang wholesale market, from November 15th to November 24th during the 10 day period, a few big fish wholesale market trading more than 220 kilograms, turnover more than 3000 yuan. Price and supply compared with the same period no significant fluctuations. It is understood that the city Yonghui, Lotte, Shuntian, WAL-MART and other supermarket chains have been holding freshwater fish for sale. Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce statistics, as of yesterday, 12, the city’s main supermarket chain of 289 stores will resume selling fish, accounted for about 80% of the total number of supermarket chain stores. Among them, all the stores, Carrefour, Hua Guan, Yonghui supermarket and other 8 supermarkets have returned to live sales, sales category to grass carp, carp, crucian carp, variegated carp, the supermarket goods total sales of 17685 kg, 5825.1 kg, achieved sales of 184 thousand yuan, the average selling price of 31.6 yuan per kilogram. The city of plenty of live freshwater fish supply sales normal price stability. Freshwater fish safe situation for some supermarket chains will resume sales of freshwater fish, food and drug administration to further increase the supervision and risk monitoring density, focus on the implementation of the system of quality inspection of the supermarket, freshwater fish sources traceability were examined, and the quality and safety of freshwater fish were monitored. Among them, the main source of supply chain supermarkets in the city were monitored live freshwater fish wholesale market 428 samples, currently on the market the quality and safety of freshwater fish is good. Municipal Food and drug administration official said, will continue to strengthen the Ting Ting aquatic products相关的主题文章: