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The "sword of the Han cloud conference" Nvbannanzhuang Mina unveiled the "sword of the entertainment Sohu – cloud of Han Dynasty" all the creative Mina men’s costume newcomer Mina attended the press conference by the Shanghai new Sohu entertainment culture group, Taiwan Daewoo information, Yue Yang film CO produced the "sword of the Han cloud", recently held a great in strength and impetus’s "special forces battle" conference, Zhang Yunlong, Zhang Jianing and Yang Le hazy, film artists Mina and other creative staff to the scene to campaign for the "sword of Han cloud" propaganda, among the new Mina to a seat men stunning debut, valiant and heroic in bearing without losing the charm, beauty handsome styling is quite seductive. TV drama "sword of the Han cloud" from "Xuanyuanjian Gaiden adaptations: Han cloud", based on aerial history, about three of the ancient kingdom of heaven, the heroes and heroines in the story of good and evil, both into the Chinese ancient myth elements, and the continuation of the characters and the plot of the game in the set. Said in the play as Mina Muyun Emay, in order to do the task, he has been doing attire in the drama, but it happens to be loyal fans and neutral costumes, "the costumes are masculine and feminine beauty", so she was very pleased with the shape in the play. The entire conference shocked and warm, specially for a birthday cake "Xuanyuan sword" the father of Cai Minghong and director Pan Wenjie, the cast together to celebrate, one side of Mina said: "this is my first work, to participate in the production of such a large, special thanks to the director, producer and colleagues of my trust and take care of." The "sword of the Han cloud" by the Shanghai new cultural group, Taiwan Daewoo information, Yue Yang film CO produced, newcomer Mina will soon bring the first TV series debut work, please look forward to.相关的主题文章: