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The two Pixar cartoon file extension "toy" to debut in 2019 4 – Sohu entertainment "Toy Story 3" poster "The Incredibles" poster Sohu entertainment news (Wen Da Zi) the Pixar movie company announced today that the two heavyweight animated film the latest release date: "The Incredibles" from the original 2 the plan was postponed until June 15, 2018 2017; "Toy Story 4" pull the front is longer, the film will be in June 21, 2019 landed in North American cinemas. Although this delay to the Picks movie fans are slightly disappointed, but has always been a slow process to treat Picks sequel does need to be more careful, after all, in the glorious history of Picks, also appeared in "Cars 2" so that the failure of the. In 2004, Brad Byrd produced the animated film "The Incredibles", the hero of the film, Bob is a superman agents, he loved the neighborhood by good and evil. He fell in love with another Superman agent, "the elastic woman," and the two married and lived a quiet life. 15 years later, Bob, like ordinary people living, when the insurance company claims. However, he is still a Jiyang when. When he knew the inventor to attack the Incredibles, destroy the earth. Bob finally lost patience. After the release of the film at the box office and reputation double, won the Oscar for best animated film award. At present, Byrd is writing "The Incredibles 2" script, the story will enter a new field, and the first far. "Toy Story 3" in 2010 was an unprecedented success, not only in the global recovery of $1 billion at the box office, and won the Oscar Award for best animated film. After a lapse of six years, finally had taken Pixar’s "Toy Story 4" plan. In third, Baz light because the program was sent to the problem and the original production of toys and other toys are planning to launch a large international rescue, and his attitude toward them directly determines the success of their rescue plan. The biggest thing this piece is this pile of toys will be swept out of embarrassment. The biggest problem of "Toy Story 4" is a new idea, do not rule out the development direction of the new story of Pixar film series, will develop better. Lhasa Jones and will Mark in the creation of the script is Mike coley. The film is expected to be an ordinary version, 3D and IMAX three versions of the audience.相关的主题文章: