The wizards will meet with the new teammates elbow injuries again concussion detraining (video)

The wizards will meet with the new teammates elbow injuries again concussion injury [] to stop training away from injury! After Bill was helped off down heavy sports news September 30th NBA Tencent all players in the summer and, in return to the stadium full of vigor and vitality of attitude, this training camp from their strength it is easy to see. But too intense training can easily lead to injuries, the Wizards backcourt of Bradley Bill because of a concussion after today’s training. Bill injured out of training according to the Wizards coach Brooks revealed that, in the morning of the first two sessions of training in the first injured in the training of the. Summer just from the Pacers to wizards inside midfielder Mahinmi elbow hit the head of Bill, Bill immediately quit. On the second day of the afternoon, Bill was in the hospital. As a teammate of Bill, John wall was on the sidelines to ride a bike, and therefore did not witness the accident. But when in an interview with reporters, said wal Bill was hit on the head". According to NBA officials, Bill is now unable to resume training unless his symptoms of concussion are completely gone. Wizards coach Brooks said: "I had a chat with Bill this morning, he felt much better. So we’ll see what happens to him tomorrow." In the face of reporters, Brooks repeatedly confirmed that the situation has been much better Bill. However, taking into account the injury situation of Bill’s career, the fans have been in the social media to express the concerns of the injury contrast. A netizen named "Rogan" did not say anything, but repeated a word: "time after time again and again." Bill has just signed a $5 contract with the team this summer, but in the last season, he played just 55 games in the first half of the year in. In four years of occupation career of Bill, Bill suffered various injuries, he missed all 1/4 matches to reach. This is the second time in the last 8 months of Bill brain concussion, in January 27th, Bill was hit in the face by a Celtics guard smart, because the nose fracture and concussion and dropped out of the race. But just 2 days later, Bill returned to the stadium wearing a mask. (Dudu) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: