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The women’s Manicure store as "beautiful teeth" spent 4000 yuan can not eat to listen to the advertising circle of friends, a young woman to frequented Manicure store for " 6D nano ", the dazzle tooth relief; that can harvest a bright white teeth, who knows no white teeth not only beautify, but even the meal can’t eat. Yesterday, she spent a day at the Wuhan University dental hospital demolition. Why Manicure shop on " " to do a tooth? Even the day, reporters in the circle of friends, micro-blog search, " nano Hyun tooth relief " training; advertising blossom everywhere, said two days will be able to learn, the popular online video operation, many doctors commented: " eye blind ". Manicure shop "6D" pretty girl teeth suffer a great deal this year 29 year old Miss Shi home in Huangshi, is a beautiful girl. 10 days ago, she saw in the circle of friends, she had a beauty shop, Manicure hit " 6D nano tooth relief Hyun dental " advertising, said no injections do not take medicine without bloodshed, to bid farewell to the yellow teeth, no side effects. Miss stone always wanted teeth like a star bright white, then do " " 16 standard airline stewardess smile; tooth, a total of more than 4000 yuan. Miss Shi recalled, first remove part of the tooth beautician, then an allegedly similar enamel adhesive to her teeth daub, finally made polishing. But after she saw the strange white teeth, unlike normal teeth, tooth wear is a layer of " clothes " slow, upper and lower teeth bite from ear to ear. At that time she Dunsheng, beautician said, also need a month adaptation period. After returning home, Miss Shi miserable, rice can not eat, could not say the words, the door is not out of the mental and physical shock. After asking, she was attracted to the Stomatology Hospital of Wuhan University Department of prosthodontics treatment. Dr. Liang Shanshan, deputy director of the hospital rehabilitation department, spent a day in a microscope under the fine operation, was able to dismantle her 16 " 6D teeth ". But Dr Leung under the microscope observation, the tooth surface enamel Miss stone is also worn, the surface becomes uneven, tooth shape also changed. Because the enamel is not renewable, the latter need to be repaired. Know the truth, Miss stone either. Seven or eight years of Medical School of circle of friends two days yesterday, reporters search found in the WeChat circle of friends, micro-blog, this kind of nano " tooth relief training Hyun " advertising flying all over the sky, the publisher said it was " in 2016 the whole world’s most popular micro subversion project ", from thousands of tuition fees; to thousands of dollars, even called two days to learn, as well as " network; red " demonstration of live, indicate the " this is cosmetic items, do not need any dental license. " many department of Stomatology doctors have seen the video after the shock: " do not meet the requirements of the consumer?相关的主题文章: