This file does not have the box office good mid autumn

The mid autumn festival film box office did not file down 30% original drama to promote the industry still needs to be strengthened when the summer of this year to find the reasons for the box office slump, down 30% year on year Mid Autumn Festival box office news gave them a blow. But more worrying is that this year’s Mid Autumn Festival movie market "strange situation" – bad heaven, no one at the box office. Box office won the reputation of the film is poor, and the good reputation of the film box office results are not ideal. If this situation becomes the norm in the market, in the long run it will definitely blow the enthusiasm of filmmakers to create a good film. The phenomenon of an office fell 30% from the number of movie, this year’s autumn schedule is not lonely, but quite lively. In September 14th, the "westward journey 3", "2", "fierce anti-corruption storm", also "in July and she" released September 15th mid autumn festival day; "my war", "McDull · rice treasure Raiders" film etc.. Among them, both classic IP adaptation, also have suspense, youth film, war films, cartoons, types. However, the Mid Autumn Festival stalls film market to hand over the answer is not satisfactory. According to the statistical data shows the cat’s eye at the box office, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday three days of total box office was 505 million, representing a decrease of more than 3, last year was 716 million. If the day before the holiday Box Office figures put in, the decline will be more obvious. Before, in the industry Tucao box office this summer and autumn files marking time, performance will obviously deflect attack firepower. You know, this summer only in July, there has been negative growth, the total box office schedule is still more than last year, to maintain an upward trend. The Mid Autumn Festival is the entire schedule file appeared negative growth, this is the first time this year. Mid Autumn Festival box office fell, from the market point of view, the reasons for the situation similar to the summer file – the lack of a real explosive film. The Mid Autumn Festival last year, a file on the first day, "Hong Kong" single embarrassed to take 228 million yuan at the box office, in the small holiday period sales totaled 685 million yuan, greatly pushed up the overall box office. In September 14th this year, the market has not daily revenue of billions of dollars (99 million 490 thousand yuan), September 15th mid autumn festival day box office 206 million yuan, the highest grossing film in autumn files "westward journey 3", released 4 days after the box office is not to 250 million. Poor reputation in the background at the box office this film won the overall downturn, the original Mid Autumn Festival box office is also expected to fall, but never thought that the Mid Autumn Festival is actually the new file to win the movie reputation of one of the worst "westward journey 3". This film directed by Jeffrey Lau, Han Geng and Tang Yan co starred in the sequel film before the shooting was released after the fans boycott, each website score did not pass line (Douban 5.6), many viewers denounced the director "destroy the feelings" on the Internet, but the film is still with the classic signs the Mid Autumn Festival at the box office champion. The Mid Autumn Festival "at the box office runner up file 2" anti-corruption storm, watercress score 5 points, the same reputation did not pass the line. Some netizens angrily said: "westward journey 3" so difficult to clean相关的主题文章: