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Three days before the holidays to work overtime "the most cost-effective" – social – original title: three days before the holidays to work overtime "the most cost-effective" holiday overtime pay calculation method of statutory holiday overtime salary = monthly wage base ÷ 21.75 days; × 300%× overtime days holiday overtime pay = monthly wage base for 21.75 days ÷ × 200%× overtime days newspaper news (reporter Dai Lili) National Day holiday has ended, stick to their posts during the holiday season while commuters missed home reunions and travel opportunities, but do not have to be too depressed, labor regulations have made compensation — if all 7 days work overtime if they only work overtime fees can be worth 17 days of wages. Especially in the first three days of overtime, the maximum amount of compensation. According to the "notice" the general office of the State Council on 2016 part of the holiday this year, National Day holiday arrangement: October 1st (National Day, Saturday) to 7 vacation days off, a total of 7 days. October 8th (Saturday), (Sunday). In fact, the 7 day holiday, only 3 days on October 1st is the National Day holiday, in addition to 4 days of holidays off the adjacent. The reporter learned from the labor department, according to the relevant laws and regulations, the employing units in October 1st to 3, the 3 day arranges overtime, shall not be less than 300% of the workers themselves day or hourly wage shall pay overtime wages; in October 4th, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days as a public holiday, during which the employer arrange the workers work overtime, you can choose to arrange time off without pay workers overtime wages. If you do not give time off, it should not be less than my day or hourly wage workers to pay overtime wages 200%. The implementation of the unit monthly wage system in workers monthly wages are translated into daily or hourly wage, namely: the daily wage in months paid 21.75 days discounted, the hourly wage in the daily wage basis divided by 8 hours at. The so-called wage base, one is determined in accordance with the stipulations of the labor contract laborer wage; a labor contract is not agreed, determined in accordance with the base of overtime wages stipulated in the collective contract; there is a labor contract, collective contract all did not agree, in accordance with the laborer in normal laborwages determined. At the same time, overtime wage base shall not be lower than the minimum wage standard. For example, workers such as Zhang’s salary standard is 5000 yuan, if the unit arranged for him in October 1st to 3 during the 1 days of his overtime, overtime wages should be: 5000 (yuan) ÷ (21.75 days); × 300%× (1 days) =690 (yuan), if the 3 day work overtime, overtime wages will reach 2070 yuan. If the unit arranged for him in October 4th to 7 in 1 days and can not work overtime overtime pay off, he should be as follows: 5000 (yuan) ÷ 21.75 × 20) (day)相关的主题文章: