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Too amazing! Grandmother and grandmother with a child from the end of the conflict brewing public concern about the number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: tragedy! My grandmother and grandmother together with children, make antinomy grandma a nu killed grandmother now, increasingly fast pace of life, many young people have to let their parents for child care, sometimes a party to take care of the elderly is not over, will be put on both sides of the old man shouted over, Tong Dawei and Zhao Wei take the "tiger mother cat dad" is for example, on the issue of children’s education, not only has the contradiction between husband and wife, their parents are secretly wrestling, the story left a deep impression to us, but in reality the "plot" of people more shocked ~ the day before, Nanjing City Intermediate People’s court hearing on the case: with the child’s grandmother and grandmother, because living habits and children in different ways, produce all sorts of friction, grandma angry, saying that the child’s grandmother killed At home。 (source: Yangzi Evening News) grandmother and grandmother together with the baby to make trouble a grandmother grandmother angry to see such a shocking news, netizens and how to say it? @April at the beginning of Han: the best love is to accompany with parents is the best. @ _: rain Town much contradiction, also kill people, no matter how can kill, kill it for life. @ Anne: so the parents or their own children spend it, the child is the best parents in growth. Avoid something similar. Ali @ Qrongrong: if economic conditions permit, please Yuesao during the month, or let my mother take care of mother and mother-in-law, it is best not to go, prone to conflicts… My mother and my mother during the month had a big fight, really can not stand… Durian fruit @: if the mother-in-law has stable residence, that served to let her confinement, after his mother and himself with the best.. If together with her mother, a happy life was completely shattered. @ home Doraemon Doraemon: law could not be together, plus the children together with the wife’s mother, did not dare to imagine. @ looking for Wang Xiaoxuan: the money will spend more, no money to spend less, do not wronged the child on the line. Tired of working with children, and now the younger mother is not willing to take the child, I think the money is secondary. @ Wang Xiaoxuan: parents can find their children, see now are basically lost to the elderly, most of the ideas behind, still stubborn, law problems emerge in an endless stream. The most important thing is that children can not get a good education. It turns out that it is the best and the most important thing to have a person who brings him. A person to work pressure is big, but the child is big enough. There are old people, and now do not help you, please keep your old money, do not be too difficult for children. At present, more and more children are raised by grandparents or grandparents, or are they raised by their grandparents? In fact, this problem has been plagued by many parents. The study shows that even grandparents have various conditions (including economic, educational background, etc.)相关的主题文章: