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Tourist bus in Jiuzhaigou deliberately rub forced to stop beating – Driver Guide Beijing September 10th, friends broke the news: colleagues with the group take the bus to go to Jiuzhaigou tourism, the roadside deliberately opened the door and let the bus rub, after several Han rushed to the driver holding the baton beating, also threatened the driver get off, and then claim 100 thousand. September 12th at 8 in the evening, Jiuzhaigou County Public Security Bureau issued an official bulletin, said the batterer has been in administrative detention. Chongqing broke Jiuzhaigou tourism tourist bus traveling in case of rub in September 10th, Chongqing friends broke the news to the Jiuzhaigou tourism group colleagues, encountered several men deliberately put the car door open rub, armed with baton car assault tour bus driver, for 100 thousand. The man shouted to the police station, police and goujiandabei, "very well". Netizens also released a video about 1 minutes long for a period of time, the video can be seen running in the bus stops suddenly, a man rushed to the bus, the bus driver pulled out the driving intention, and repeatedly slapped the bus driver. After another young man on the bus, the bus driver to hit the head with a stick, after the bus driver was taken off the bus, the two men are constantly pushing kick kick the bus driver. The investigation of rub after the car was forced to stop the driver and guide are beaten in September 12th, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter contacted the bid according to Lee, Lee said, a few colleagues in September 4th his departure from Chongqing, 5 in Chengdu to participate in the Jiuzhaigou four day tour. 7 September 7th morning, the tour line of 18 people travel by bus to Jiuzhaigou, met a few locals in Mizoguchi suspected pengci, saw the bus pass deliberately opened the door and let you cut, then a few Han rushed to beat the driver with baton, he also threatened to get off, the driver should pay 100 thousand. The tour guide got off the bus. A tourist travel group told reporters BYD, his newspaper is one of the individual groups, do not know the team guide which belongs to a travel agency, listen to the tour guide, the bus is outsourced to Grayhound, the driver is to arrange grayhound. On the day of the incident, the bus seems to rub someone else’s car, the results did not find the driver, was forced to stop the car after a few tens of meters. 4 young men come up with a baton bus driver called several minutes. The tour guide was also slapped when mediation. After the police arrived at the scene, the tour guide will bring tourists into the scenic spot. On the road, the tour guide also comforted tourists, said: "it does not matter, the driver will be handled, we do not affect the mood to travel." Listen to the tour guide said that this is the first time he ran this line for many years to encounter such a thing. In response to the batterer has been detained by the police did not know the parties in September 12th 8 pm, Jiuzhaigou County Public Security Bureau issued an official notification, the notice said, September 7th morning 7 am, a strict driving passenger bus in Jiuzhaigou County, zhangzha town with a red Buick car rub, a color et al in indicating the bus parking a strict, did not stop, still continue to drive the vehicle. The color of a Han相关的主题文章: