Train shooting! The little beasts changed hands summer he can become the next Malone

Train shooting! The little beasts changed hands summer he can become the next Malone? Randall summer fixed shooting hand sina sports news Beijing time on September 30th, according to the official website NBA reports, Julius Randle said this summer has been shooting last season, shooting very strange, but now has improved, even if the shot will not lose confidence. And the American media is optimistic that he will be a good shot of muscle men, like Carle – Malone and Blake – like that of Griffin. Local time Tuesday in the Lakers training after only a few minutes, Randall began practicing the three ball, which has now become his daily habit. The reporter joked, see Randall hit consecutive shots, someone will overreact, thought he was the summer Stephen – Curitiba possessed. Last season, the total hit rate was only 42.9%, with a total of just over a quarter of a total of three points (only about 36 of the vote in 10). Of course, now in training continuously hit the three ball does not say anything, even like Shaquille O’neal, Ben Wallace and Kwame Brown in training is eyesight, but the offseason Randall pay efforts in this area but also can explain the problem. "I spent the summer practice shooting, in order to ensure the shot of the moment, shooting hand type is my consistent," Randall said, "last season I shot a lot of the time I was in a hurry, and hand weird. Now I’m doing a good job in front of the shot, and my legs, feet and other things are going to be in the right position." Randall said he is no longer worried about his shooting, and a year ago. "At that time, if I missed 2 or 3 goals, I have some hesitation, but (different now)," Randall said, "even if the continuous throw 2 to 3 balls, I still do not shake, because my hand type has not changed, will not happen again by hand and weird throw things. My confidence is generally adequate." Randall’s physical condition, which makes him in high school and college, even if not rely on the shooting can also play a dominant position. But in the NBA game, everyone is gifted, only by the body conditions very difficult to open. Of course, Randall shooting the progress required by combat to test. If his shot is stable, it will make Luke – Walton’s attack more efficient, he will become the next to the development of the shooting skills of muscle after the men and the men of Malone and the. (Chi Mei)相关的主题文章: