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Book-Marketing Malaika Bahizi, the mind and soul behind Theoldstarwars Book has been into writing since a very young age. Her interests in writing started with poetry which with time shifted to deep meaningful quotations upon life and story writing. She has keen interests in knowing life more deeply, she is a lover of the universe and so, she has tried to write upon everything that she believes exists in between. Her new trilogy series books are on the market. All the books have been brilliantly filled in with fiction and thriller, which along with shared truths of life are adding greatly to make her new series a masterpiece in itself. The Odyssey Chronicles-Pre Release is an introduction to how the things went to change the life of Zoya, what made the residents of the pla. Zulturion afraid, what was their mission, etc. As a quick introduction to same, the pre release edition takes readers closer to the experiences of the residents of the pla. Zulturion, which is an old pla. forming a small part of the expansive galaxy. It is lived in by an ancient civilization, one that is known as the biggest ever colony formed of aliens and humans. They have a mission of sending one of them to the farthest pla. Earth as a human child to know about the people residing on the human pla.. Zoya, the innocent girl decides to take the lead and help her fellow residents in their mission. She is expected to first successfully survive on the pla. and then proceed with her mission. Her childhood on the pla. went well but her development from childhood to a human girl started bringing in the troubles. She was alone and horrified. She had to undergo many tough trials but still she made a success in her mission. Her trials were disclosed when a scribe opened the mammoth book in the inner library of Zulturion. That was the moment which started unfolding the life of Zoya. This fresh series of the Starwars Book is winning the hearts of readers from around the world. Its writer Ms. Malaika Bahizi has wonderfully crafted her own real life experiences by putting her soul in her work to express what all she has learnt from her life. the series along with including The Odyssey Chronicles-Prerelease, is formed by The Odyssey Chronicles The Life of Zoya, The Odyssey Chronicles A Wizards Tale, and The Odyssey Chronicles The After Worlds. Get ready to read a daring and ambitious fantasy series. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: