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The "trump card" ace Wong Cho Lam won the praise of "funny funny God" and Wong Cho Lam Wong Cho Lam – Andy Lau funny entertainment Sohu variety large coffee Wong Cho Lam, from the "big coffee variety show" gourd "as a regular guest to run it again to his brother", "king of variety show take charge as chief of the" four famous "trump card" help, Wong Cho Lam’s magic laughter appear in almost every popular reality show. In the "crossover singer" on the stage, Wong Cho Lam revealed the king character, wonderful interpretation is to get the runner up good results. Wong Cho Lam may be the two years in the mainland tyrant screen one of the most thorough all-around male artist, all the roles are given a new vitality in his acting. Recently, Wong Cho Lam once again to bring him in by the film, directed by Jing Wong’s "trump card" with ace will be released in October 1st, the movie star, then love his fans and friends can walk into the theater, a feast. The "trump card" tells the story of Bao Ye make ACE (Andy Lau) and Luo Tianhao (Huang Xiaoming ornaments), A dream (Wong Cho Lam ornaments) funny and thrilling story of Indiana, humor has always been to show people the image of the Wong Cho Lam is with Andy Lau and Huang Xiaoming two "Idol ace" staged a comedy adventure. The film is a character in Wong Cho Lam, enjoy the comedy talent, director Jing Wong was praised: "Wong Cho Lam is currently one of the most popular China comedy star, there will be a place in his joy, we have invited Wong Cho Lam film," with God is powerful. "." Wong Cho Lam played in the film roles also said with a smile, "as you saw in the trailer, he only wore a A dream underwear in the movie called his A dream, really like the duo A dream, there will be a variety of magical props." Wong Cho Lam blew himself is the "trump card" with ACE inside the "funny" role, and ridicule the title and an actor’s name is proportional to the height, so the "funny" word is very small. When asked by the host in the role of Andy Lau often beaten, Wong Cho Lam felt happy when Wong Cho Lam humorous response, "we envy so handsome, see so handsome beaten, natural feeling is cool!". In reference to Wong Cho Lam in bold dew A dream underwear show bottom, Wong Cho Lam broke again, because the director was said to have Chuangxi part, I think the drama is Jolin, Xie Yilin is a look at the original site. But in two people with very understanding very happy, Xie Lin very open. Asked by the host, his film shows the moral bottom line, Wong Cho Lam said his film really sucked into an important part of the body of Xie Yilin, when all his surprised expression, with humor Wong Cho Lam smiled and replied "but is sucked into the foot part, and witty banter to" have recently Xie Lin feel your feet are very clean". Wong Cho Lam funny character returning to the movie screen, believe the movie "ace" trump card with perfect play the thrilling Indiana plan, pedestria Shengsishisu stimulation and laugh with hilarious scenes, will offer the audience the most perfect audio-visual enjoyment.相关的主题文章: