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Trump or Romney nominated as secretary of state – Sohu according to the Reuters News reported on November 17th, Trump Er on Saturday and had failed to win the presidency of the Romney meeting will likely discuss its nomination as secretary of state. The move was seen as an olive branch for Trump to mainstream Republicans against him. And Trump. The history of the U.S. National Broadcasting Company (NBC) reported that Trump is considering the appointment of Mr Romney as secretary of state, to arrange a traditional Republican view of the person in charge of foreign affairs. The 69 year old former Massachusetts governor, in the 2012 presidential election to Obama. In that election, Romney won Trump’s support. However, Trump and Romney character. According to public reports, Romney is a moderate, methodical man. Trump is always rhetoric, it is difficult to predict. In March this year, Romney has publicly declared that Trump is a "liar", "the American people denounced it as a fool," and refused to help out for the Trump campaign, did not even attend the July held in Cleveland national convention. In response, Trump said that in 2012 comprehensive defeat to Obama Romney is a failed candidate, and did not have any qualification to give advice. Romney and Trump on the issue of Russia is also very serious differences. Romney said in 2012 that Russia is the United States’ number one geopolitical enemies". Trump was praised by Russian President Putin, advocated closer ties with Russia, especially in the destruction of extremist organizations Islamic state (IS) on the issue. He even questioned the U.S. commitment to NATO allies, causing panic in the Baltic countries. However, after Trump won the election, Mitt Romney congratulated, I hope the two reconciled. The candidates include Giuliani NBC reported that the state of Alabama senator, is considered to be a new term of attorney general, Geoff · Trump will be confirmed sessions with Romney: "I think Romney was elected president and met with such people is a good thing, he needs to maintain a good relationship with a lot of talented people." In addition to Romney, there are some other people believed to be the Secretary of state, including South Carolina Governor Nicky · Hailey, a former mayor of New York, Rudi · Giuliani, former CIA director David · Petraeus, former U.S. ambassador John Bolton, · and Tennessee Senator Bob · Kirk. Among them, Kirk has been confirmed to the CNN (CNN) on 16, there is a list of candidates for the post of secretary of state, and he is one of them. But he also said that he personally believes that trump will choose one of the election process and their people closer. Up to now, Trump’s own cabinet for the future of the candidate’s position is very cautious, but said, only to grasp the final list". Reuters quipped, in this matter, the once real person"相关的主题文章: