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Tsinghua teacher was 17 million 600 thousand telecommunications fraud police investigation Beijing News (reporter Li Yutong Zhou Jiaqi) 30, a liquid crystal by the Tsinghua University Building Property Service Center released "policeblotters" heat transfer in the network, informed that on August 29th at 23:25 in the evening, Zhongguancun police station received 110 lanqiying area of Haidian District, a teacher of Tsinghua University. By posing as public security, telecommunications fraud 17 million 600 thousand yuan. Notice mentioned that the various units to strengthen staff propaganda, expand the scope of publicity, reduce and avoid such cases. Once this happens, please inform the police the first time. Reporting time for the August 30th. Reporters learned from the police that the telecommunications fraud is true Tsinghua teachers, the police have been involved in the investigation. Haidian police also reminded the public, do not listen, do not believe, do not transfer, enhance self-protection awareness. Several link fraudsters posing as public security fraud tricks "(from the Haidian public security administrative micro-blog) NO.1" bank card suspected of malicious overdraft or money laundering, drug trafficking "Scams: scammers use Internet phone call directly to the user, many people are fake units division, bank and Public Security Bureau or the procuratorate staff, lied to the user’s bank card copy theft, suspected of drug trafficking, money laundering and smuggling crime, threatening to freeze the accounts, to protect the user account security grounds, require users to deposit into the account security. Preventive measures: at present, any public security bureau, procuratorate, court and other state organs, have not set up a national security account and other bank accounts. So when someone calls to ask you to deposit the deposit to the so-called security account in order to save money, it can be identified as fraud. 2 telephone arrears fraud modus operandi: crooks posing as telecommunications staff to call the victim, the victim lied in place for a fixed telephone and have caused arrears. When the victim did not reflect the registration phone, a number of people of division of crooks posing as banks, Public Security Bureau and other units of staff to the victim was fraudulent use of identity information leakage, install a telephone and owed by the public security authorities are investigating high charges, also found in the name of the victim’s bank account, the word will be frozen and other grounds, asked the victim to the other bank automatic teller machine, the victim card encryption, through English interface operation, lured the victim card deposit into the account designated. Preventive measures: unknown calls to be transferred to the Public Security Bureau, the procuratorate, the court, the bank and other departments of the phone, the phone must be fake fraud, do not believe. NO.3 postal parcels fraud modus operandi: criminals sent to the parcel on the grounds of the problem, set up a trap. When you ask the package related to the case, "postal employees will find all kinds of excuses such as that the parcel contains dangerous chemicals, drugs and other contraband, or encased in a large bank card, there are people in your name or account money laundering drug by the public security organs to open, you must come to the investigation department of public security organs, will give you a" criminal investigation team "or" reconnaissance, "the phone number. When the call is over, "the criminal investigation team" will be set for a variety of reasons out of your account information, and to set up measures of safety and protection on the grounds, let you go to the bank teller machine operation, multi相关的主题文章: