Two men drunk melee punches and wounded police arrested Lycra (video)

Two men drunk melee punches and wounded police arrested up Xi’an News Network (Xi’an Daily reporter Yang Chunyan) by the drunken troublemakers kicked in, and the tussle process, but a blow nose fracture hit Lycra police. Recently, Xi’an Weiyang Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of obstruction of official of Zhang, Lee approved the arrest. In November 1st 20 pm, Zhang and reunion drink a pound of white wine, came to the north of the city of Xi’an, a subway station, take the subway home, don’t buy a ticket at the pit mouth directly jumped into the gate down the platform, was stopped by security on duty, let the ticket. Zhang reluctant to play up the ticket and drunk, the police on duty come here and the ticket left, Zhang began to abuse the police, and hang out. When the police pulled Zhang to the police room sober, he tore the police collar, hit with the top of the head, but also the police cap destroyed. When the auxiliary police and pull it out of the station passenger arrival hall, Lee Zhang saw one eye, and therefore the two sides quarrel, Zhang Lee kicked up a two people and beating each other together. The police rushed quickly approached the Lycra, was Lee a punch in the nose, nasal bone fracture caused by the police. The latter two were controlled by other police on the spot. Prosecutors say: Zhang drink in public places subway station trouble, police tear clothes, hit the police head, destroyed police hat, obstructing police official duties; Lee in knowing that the police in performing their duties according to law case, still in conflict with Zhang, and melee with punches, also wounded two police Lycra. The behavior of people in accordance with the provisions of article 277th of the criminal law, has been suspected to constitute the crime of obstruction of official business, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. The prosecutor points out: police perform official duties are the rights conferred by law, and no one shall infringe or trample on them. Prosecutors handling the case to remind friends: usually love to drink wine to drink in moderation, we must control the mood, pay attention to words and deeds, to avoid the occurrence of criminal behavior impulse. (Xi’an News Network) Note: video only for extended reading. Men drink for their friends, scold police garbage, and threaten to play with the police

两男子酒后滋事互殴 出拳打伤拉架民警被逮捕  西安新闻网讯(西安日报记者 杨春燕)因被酒后滋事者踹了一脚,在与之厮打过程中,竟一拳把拉架民警鼻梁打骨折。近日,西安市未央区检察院以涉嫌妨害公务罪对张某、李某批准逮捕。  11月1日20时左右,张某和同学聚会喝了一斤白酒后,来到西安城北一地铁站乘地铁回家,在进站口没买票直接跳进闸机走到站台,被执勤保安拦住,让其补票。张某不愿补票并耍起了酒疯,执勤民警过来劝其补票离开,张某就开口谩骂民警,并赖着不走。当民警拉张某到警务室醒酒时,他便撕扯民警衣领,用头顶撞,还将警帽打掉。  当民警和辅警将其拉到站厅时,出站乘客李某看了张某一眼,双方因此又发生口角,张某上去踹了李某一脚,二人遂互相殴打在一起。民警见状赶紧上前拉架,却被李某一拳打在鼻梁骨上,致民警鼻梁骨骨折。后二人被其他民警当场控制。  检察官说法:  张某酒后在公共场所地铁站滋事,撕扯民警的衣服,用头撞民警,打掉民警的帽子,妨害民警执行公务;李某在明知民警依法执行公务情况下,仍与张某发生冲突,并与之发生互殴,还出拳打伤拉架民警,二人的行为符合刑法第二百七十七条的规定,已涉嫌构成妨害公务罪,依法应当追究刑事责任。  检察官提示:  警察执行公务是法律赋予的权利,任何人都不得侵犯和践踏。办案检察官提醒喜欢喝酒的朋友:平时喝酒要适量,酒后一定要控制情绪,注意言行,避免因冲动发生违法犯罪行为。(西安新闻网)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 男子酒后为朋友出头骂民警垃圾 扬言跟警察玩到底相关的主题文章: