Two national protected plants in Haikou sheep mountain wetland Ottelia alismoides – Beijing

Two national protected plants in Haikou sheep mountain wetland Ottelia alismoides – Beijing Beijing in November 14 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Li Yufan) in November 14th, "Hainan wetland protection Island media investigation line into Haikou sheep mountain wetland, the reporter saw, water fern, Ottelia alismoides, wild rice three two national protected plants on the growth of. Among them, Ottelia alismoides in Chinese distributed only in Hainan, currently in Hainan only in the northern area. It is understood that the "sheep mountain" refers to the area surrounding the volcano lava in Haikou City, abundant groundwater in Yangshan Area of the conservation will spring in the form of outflow, formed a special volcano spring wetland landscape. These are numerous, different sizes, different types of wetlands, collectively referred to as "sheep mountain wetland". There are abundant animal and plant resources, including 1 species of animal protection at the national level, and there are about 12 species of national protected animals, and there are about two species of protected plants in the country, which are of the order of two. Hainan wetland system project education experts, China conservation in Hainan Kadoorie conservation director Lu Gang, since the beginning of 2012 sustained attention and study the sheep mountain wetland, witnessed the changes of the wetland in decades. Lu Gang said that from the current point of view of the entire wetland landscape is still relatively primitive, but in recent years, in-depth study found here the water is still contaminated, eutrophication has been presented. Pollution sources are mainly around the breeding enterprises, small and medium farms sewage. Lu Gang said that the water is polluted will pose a threat to the Ottelia alismoides, if the water destroyed sheep mountain wetland and cauliflower populations in Qiongbei area, mean the demise of the species in the Chinese. (end)相关的主题文章: