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Two people together, what is the best feeling? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: entertainment gossip I speak of the world, the vast sea of people, people who like their own difficult. Even in love, after the common life still need to run together. Two people together, the best feeling will be determined by the heart, vary. Talk to talk to both life, their negative emotions, or colleagues pleasure, friends of anecdotes, good and bad, are willing to share with each other. He will not abandon you say boring, you also don’t worry because there are no words with silence and embarrassment. So you’ll never feel lonely. Secure your sense of security will definitely he is a reliable man, when you encounter difficulties and solve their own thing, the first reaction will lower consciousness your brain to think of him, have to rely on the desire and strong sense of belonging to him. With him, you always feel at ease. Don’t be afraid now twists and turns, is not afraid of the future of wind and rain, yearning for love. Relaxed feeling relaxed feeling in front of him, you can do the most authentic self, remove the social field on the set of camouflage, you can not eat, do not laugh, sing, release. In front of him, you will always be a child, can be presumptuous to cry, laugh loudly, and follow your heart free, beautiful life. Even if you don’t talk, he knows what you’re thinking. He knows the meaning of every look in your eyes and the meaning of every move. You tend to miss each other at the same time, say the same thing, do the same thing. No matter what time can have a seamless heavenly robe. When you feel happy and get along with him, you always want time to pass a little slower. Even if do boring, trivial matter, will not feel boring, but very happy. Every day is very happy, even for him to pay, you will not have any complaints, and will enjoy as if it were malt sugar have a sense of achievement. Personal space appropriate personal space sometimes, two people get along easily tired, so tired. To avoid this problem, you can have reservations, not at the outset as bright cards, but let him every day that you are not the same, this love will be fresh. Sometimes, you will see the eye, hit the slag male, or after two people found not very suitable. So, you need to keep your feelings to yourself, don’t start a Taoxintaofei, otherwise finally hurt or themselves. (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: