U.S. H1B visa applications difficult to change the Chinese do investment immigration synnex

U.S. H1B visa applications difficult to change the Chinese do not want to invest in a green card or visa immigration, many Chinese suffering. Oakland Chinese Wu Lu said 12 days, because the feeling of working visa H1B in sight, she decided to resign and Mr. investment immigration. (the "world news" / Liu Xianjin photography) according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the Oakland Chinese Wu Lu said 12 days, because she felt the work visa for H1B was decided to resign and Mr. investment immigration, "don’t always think about the question of whether smoking, how to maintain the visa success, save a lot of trouble." Wu Lu in Europe to get a degree, because the United States to work, she also followed, the United States education, the environment is good, very want to stay, I want to find a job." Wu Lu apply for a number of companies, found that many companies are reluctant to help students do a work visa, and she graduated from European University, more difficult. The Bay Area company promised to help her apply for work, but a few months later, Wu Lu was pretty scary, I realized that there are many details of the visa is very difficult. "Not to mention the work visa itself to draw, there is a lot of luck in the composition. The most important thing is that the visa requirements of the corresponding degree, the position has a minimum wage requirements. For example, some graduate, served as marketing work visa after the entry into force, annual salary of 60 thousand yuan (US $may be required, the same below), a monthly salary of 5000 yuan, but the boss could not open such a high salary, only promised to give 4000 yuan, 5000 yuan on the book for you, you have to return to the the boss 1000 yuan. The corresponding salary of 5000 yuan of tax revenue, but you have to pay, careful calculation found that a month can not save a few money." Wu Lu said that the work visa approval, if there are changes in her job, again to the immigration application, if not approved, the visa will be canceled, facing the risk of exit, although you can find a lawyer to court, delay time, but it is the trouble." Recently, Wu Lu also found the company operating situation is not ideal, even facing the risk of collapse, after thinking it over, she decided to quit, and her husband together to apply for investment immigration, investment immigration project or 500 thousand or about 1000000 dollars, the most worried about is the authenticity of the immigration program, there are news reports that there are Chinese people cheated because before a waste of money. The most important thing is to do a good job of information search, such as understanding whether the investment project is approved by the government, we must look for a reliable reputation of lawyers." Wu Lu said, compared to the work visa uncertainty, investment immigration make people feel at ease, she know is: "every October immigration will release new places, if you apply for a temporary green card, to take the last two years, two years of investment projects no problem to get permanent green card, eventually need to get a green card five years time."相关的主题文章: