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7000 tons of debris in space flight around the earth how to protect the safety of spacecraft – Beijing in recent two months, Tiangong two, Shenzhou eleven, long march five, space launch a series of activities, let the Chinese people once again raised his head, looking at the deep sea of stars. In order to protect the battle space warrior and spacecraft Kris in different fields of scientific research personnel, engineering and technical personnel which experts leave no stone unturned, removal of space debris monitoring technology also shoulder the responsibility. In the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft carrying two astronauts in space for three days, more than 40 scholars gathered at the Beijing Fragrant Hill Hotel, with "the development of space debris monitoring system and remove cutting-edge technology as the theme, the two – day seminar. In the 573rd Xiangshan Science Conference, "to go" is the most frequently mentioned words, visible stars of the sea journey is long, need more experts to tackle tough. — — the number of deterioration of the rapid growth of space debris UNCOPUOS (UNCOPOUS) and the inter agency space debris Coordination Committee (IADC) definition of space debris is no function of man-made objects in earth orbit orbit or reentry and debris and components. According to reports, since 1957, the first artificial earth satellite launch, as of the end of 2015, a total of nearly 5000 times the spacecraft launch activities, more than 6700 spacecraft into orbit. In all the launch of the spacecraft only nearly more than 1 thousand spacecraft in service, and the other due to the loss of function and become space junk, many have fallen. At the same time, there have been more than 260 times in orbit spacecraft or rocket disintegration explosion impact (fragmentation) event. They produced a large number of space junk, forming a person’s outer space environment – space debris environment. By the end of September 2016, the total space debris quality reached 7000 tons. Near space, more than a millimeter of different scales of hundreds of millions of pieces. More pressing is that in recent years, the growth rate of space debris is very fast." The executive chairman of the meeting, Chinese space technology institute researcher Li Ming in the theme of the report said that the region in low earth orbit, centimeter of space debris from 2005 300 thousand to 2015 growth of 500 thousand, the annual growth rate of 15%. According to the results of American space debris research expert Kessler, estimates of growth in accordance with the current velocity of debris, if you do not take any measures, the future number of 70 years after the debris would reach the critical value chain fragment impact effect, after the near earth space will be completely unavailable. With the increase of the number of satellites in orbit, the collision risk of space debris increases rapidly. NASA, the European Space Agency’s statistical studies have shown that: the proportion of space debris impact caused by space environment caused by various types of satellite failure is also gradually increasing. Technology — the trend — was so huge hidden trouble of space-based system of space junk, and make the scientific research institutions all over the world are trying to find solutions.相关的主题文章: