Violinist Mullova string motion Baroque e3300

The violinist Mullova "string" Beijing in November 25th – Baroque violinist, female Mesozoic Vitoria? Mullova will come to Guangzhou for the first time, led by Italy Institute of ancient Byzantine ensemble of 5 performers to Xinghai music hall, playing Bach, viva, the baroque style to work. Mullova won the 1980 Sibelius prize in 1982, won the Tchaikovsky violin competition gold medal contest, won the attention of the whole world. In 1983, she held concerts in New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago and washington. "New York Times" commented: "she has a first-class skills, masculine temperament and rich musical expression. In her concert without any pretense, only she and her piano and music." "Washington Post" commented: "she not only brings a surprise to the audience, but also to the current stage of classical music sent a breeze." During the show, Mourinho Luowa choose the most popular works of Bach as the title track. Mullova said: "I love this song very much, it is the melody in the musical Fugue, I love the slow movement. Bach is one of the best composers in his music." (He Jing)相关的主题文章: