Vivian Hsu husband fell into debt storm response never want to do your wife homefront

Vivian Hsu’s husband trap debt crisis response: never want to do your wife – Beijing, Beijing, September 22, according to Taiwan "China times news, Vivian Hsu postpartum comeback besides making endorsements, recently launched a new book, her husband Li Yunfeng Marco Polo Singapore Shipping Group is now the financial crisis burst, and the total funding gap of up to 5 billion 900 million NT, 12 months prior to the expiration of the debt of more than NT $4 billion 300 million, staggering; after the news, she said posting on the social networking site last night:" never want to do your wife." Did not deny her husband’s company into a huge debt. She said that his childhood living to Bigfoot every day, propped up a home, in addition to pregnancy bed had to be shut down, the marriage is still doing their favorite work, although was reported to marry into a wealthy family, but never have rich wife’s idea, "women should have their own work and achievements and self affirmation, such an intention, marriage has not changed". It is understood that the large amount of borrowing turnover, is actually an ordinary thing sparse listed companies, in terms of NT $5 billion 900 million debt to shipping group, is still affordable range, she doesn’t need to worry about the financial situation of the company for the husband.相关的主题文章: