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Wan Gang: Science and technology is rooted in the masses, feeding on the mass – Beijing Beijing in September 24 Xi’an Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) Wan Gang, chairman of China science and Technology Association of the 24 day in the eighteenth session of the Chinese Association annual meeting opening ceremony said that science and technology is rooted in the masses, feeding on the public, to promote the joint development of science and technology innovation and popularization science. In May this year, the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, the General Assembly academicians, China Association of the Ninth Congress held in the same period. China’s top leaders here, science and technology innovation and science popularization is the two wings of innovation and development. "The whole society stresses science, science, love science and the breadth and depth of science, which will directly affect the foundation and internal force of each country" s scientific and technological innovation." Wan Gang said that only the thick vegetation innovative soil, to guide the public to understand innovation, innovation, innovation, innovation, in order to better stimulate the whole society’s innovative wisdom and creativity. Wan Gang said that in recent years in China, the scientific event provides an opportunity for the popularization of science. For example, the first Chinese quantum communication satellites "Mo-tse" the successful launch of the high cold academic term after the media become a network of hot words; moreover through the "Star", "crossing the body" and other works, more and more people will become science fiction fans. Wan Gang pointed out that the current scientific and technological innovation and popularization of science presents a popular, social characteristics. Especially in the field of life science, food safety, resources and environment, which are closely related to public life, scientific research activities are more and more affected by the public opinion. Wan Gang said that the promotion and application of new technologies are often questioned and considered by the executive branch, but also touched the traditional economy in the interests of stakeholders and hesitation, more often by the public curiosity and tracking. Therefore, the popularization of science is an important foundation of social public entrepreneurship, innovation, and is also a catalyst for transformation of scientific and technological achievements "". He called on the government departments should be one of the most important goals of science popularization and dissemination as the organization and implementation of major scientific research projects, the evaluation mechanism in the scientific research institutions should reflect on science popularization oriented; scientists and engineers should also be in play, more active and more equal and more simple language, and public communication. This annual conference co sponsored by the Chinese Association and the Shaanxi Provincial People’s government and the domestic and foreign academicians, scientists and representatives of about 2400 people attended the annual meeting. (end)相关的主题文章: