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Wang Dongming Yin Li cordial condolences teachers — local leaders — original title: Wang Dongming Yin Li cordial condolences to teachers in the thirty-second teachers’ day, September 8th, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Yin Li, respectively, to the part of the colleges and universities, primary school teachers for their visit, our province education development made the contribution, on behalf of the provincial government to the province’s teachers and educators and retired teachers of our warmest good wishes. Wang Dongming first came to Southwest University for Nationalities to visit the provincial academic and technical leader Professor Liu Junzhe. Professor Liu at home, Wang Dongming and his family, talk about work, concerned about the health, teaching and research, and to him and the school teachers to send holiday greetings. Wang Dongming congratulated Professor Liu’s achievements, and briefly introduced in recent years, the provincial Party committee and government to promote economic and social development in ethnic areas, especially the development of education. Wang Dongming said that Sichuan is a major province of ethnic work, the development of national education to promote economic and social development in ethnic minority areas, promote national unity and progress has a basic role and strategic significance. To give full play to Southwest University for Nationalities discipline, talent and professional advantages, make good use of all kinds of education research, training more outstanding national talents, and make greater contributions to the economic and social development in ethnic areas, to win the battle of poverty. The relevant departments from the minority areas to study the introduction of reality, and seriously implement various support policies, encourage and guide the education of college graduates more people to work in the minority areas, and strive to bring into, stay, good use. In the National Museum of Southwest University for Nationalities, Wang Dongming one by one into the Tibetan, Qiang and Yi Pavilion, innovation center team and Qiang Yi Corridor national problems and social governance of the exchange of teachers, understand the historical and cultural heritage of Tibetan and Qiang Yi and the intangible cultural heritage protection. Wang Dongming said that the national culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. To do a good job to protect, inherit and carry forward the work, take the essence, to its dregs, and maintain the national character, the times, to further build a strong ideological foundation of all ethnic groups working together for the construction of common spiritual home for the Chinese nation. Chengdu City, Xingyi Xinjin County town of the village primary school Vanward is all a hundred years the history of the Rural Center Primary School, a beautiful campus, sound of reading aloud. Wang Dongming has entered the school teachers’ office and local cultural exhibition room, and the teacher who shook hands, cordial conversation, a detailed understanding of school quality education, caring left-behind children, enhance students’ practical ability of practice and effectiveness, thank the teachers for the children healthy growth of hard work, I wish everyone a happy holiday, and asked the relevant provinces and cities departments conscientiously sum up the way to promote school innovation to carry out moral education, strengthen the rule of law education and the etiquette education experience and practice, to do a better job of basic education. Yin Li came to Sichuan Normal University to visit the representatives of teachers, send them a holiday blessing. In the school of distance learning center, Yin Li watched the scene remote professor Baden Nima in Puge County, Liangshan primary and middle school teachers’ teaching, and through the video system to minority teachers in my warmest greetings, thanks)相关的主题文章: