Wang Zhimin Olympic spirit and patriotic feelings resonate with the same frequency – Hong Kong and M-jinshen

Wang Zhimin: the Olympic spirit and patriotism — with the resonance frequency of Hong Kong and Macao, Xinhua Macao August 30 Xinhua (reporter Liu Chang) Wang Zhimin   director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region 30, said that the Rio Olympics elite National Olympic delegation to Macao, reflects the central to Macao’s love and care and support, reflects the Macao compatriots deep, simple and strong patriotic feelings, but also reflects the special fate of National Olympic athletes and Hong Kong and Macao "one country two systems" in the cause of the. The Central Government Liaison Office in Macao on the day of the luncheon, welcome to the Rio Olympics elite National Olympic delegation. Director General of the State Sports General Administration, Liu Peng, head of the delegation, and more than 60 members of the Olympic elite attended the banquet. In Macao, the office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of foreign affairs correspondent Ye Dabo, the PLA Macao garrison commander Wang Wen also invited to attend the meeting. Wang Zhimin on behalf of the Macao Liaison Office of the delegation a warm welcome, and the China athletes in the Olympic Games on the excellent achievements and show fighting spirit, to express my heartfelt congratulations and sincere respect. He said, at the Rio Olympics, the Chinese athletes to vigorously carry forward the spirit of Chinese sports and the Olympic spirit, indomitable, courageously, show the self challenge, the pursuit of excellence will quality and uplifting spirit, greatly stimulated the Macao compatriots included people of all nationalities and overseas Chinese patriotic enthusiasm, encouraging the national spirit. The heart of Macao compatriots and Olympic athletes heart, Olympic athletes Zhaijinduoyin the wonderful performance and strong indomitable fighting spirit, but also with the Macao compatriots strong patriotic feelings of the same resonance frequency. The Rio Olympics Olympic delegation headed by national elite Liu Peng in his speech to the liaison office in Macao and the Macao community for a long time the national sports enthusiasm concern and support. He said that this is the third time he led the delegation to Macao, deeply felt that the residents of Macao have not changed the family, friendship, enthusiasm. In the future, the Rio Olympic Games will be a new starting point, continue to do a better job in order to return the long-term concern of the national sports of Macao compatriots. (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: