Wang Zhonglei appeared after Tsinghua claiming 90 sentiment choose a thing to do life

Wang Zhonglei appeared claiming 90 Tsinghua sentiment: alternative to do life Wang Zhonglei Tencent Huayi Brothers entertainment news recently, vice chairman, CEO Wang Zhonglei was invited to attend the Tsinghua University Times forum, and the scene of more than 600 students were entitled "I and the movie" share, and in-depth exchanges on the movie industry, the trend of occupation career planning students concern. In his speech, Wang Zhonglei not only reviews the development of Huayi Brothers 20 years, and together with the students to share their insights on life and career, "one thing for life", to encourage young people to find the direction of dreams, and to pursue unremittingly. Wang Zhonglei recalled the difficult business trip Huayi led the creation of a number of "first" Wang Zhonglei in the "I and the movie" as the theme of sharing, the real Wang Zhonglei meticulous about the process and he become attached to the film, from pure love to the initial contact, looking for opportunities to further from the "movie", two a word deeply into his blood. Since 1997, Wang Zhonglei Feng Xiaogang was the "Party B" poster began his film hit the chord, the road to open at the same time, walk along the tour with Feng Xiaogang to open. In this article together with the business on the road, they experienced the proposition "endless" box office glory, also experienced "a sigh" shooting twists and turns, and let Wang Zhonglei the most profound impression, harvest the most is the feeling that the non traditional war film "assembly". In the process of preparing to shoot "assembly" in the capital, met the actor and schedule the box office and other difficulties, it is because of the difficulties, all in Wang Zhonglei and Huayi people’s persistence and hard work, Huayi won the first film in the history of the China bank loans, opened up a the new road for the China film industry, injected into the blood for inspiring film Chinese. In the history of Chinese film, the first bank loan, China’s first film and television, China’s first brokerage company…… So many "first" are in the Wang Zhonglei and Huayi people on the cause of the film industry and the birth of love, but also let the mind and attitude of the moment of change in Wang Zhonglei. But no matter how to change, for Wang Zhonglei, the only change is to make good films adhere to, he said in his speech: "as I do this movie, my heart is more hope of a good film has good performance, can make a good movie is your ability could you put these good movies, so that more people can see, this is a talent. So I hope that the challenge is to be able to continue to make good movies, so that these films make the audience like." Wang Zhonglei claimed to be "90" to share insights on life: "choose one thing, make life" in the course of the speech, Wang Zhonglei natural demeanor, witty conversation, cordial interaction has received great praise for students. For himself, Wang Zhonglei also gives the definition of out of the ordinary, he said: "I said I was born in 70s, I was 90, because my life is a two life, once the parents give life, let me become an independent person; to 90 when I chose to work and I have been in addition to its occupation, and Lei相关的主题文章: