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The sustained profitability of Watson biological 697 million peel vaccine sustained profitability doubt 697 million door asset stripping "vaccine" Watson Yang Lingling "from the biological assets doubt Shandong vaccine incident" after 6 months, Yunnan Watson biological technology Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Watson biological") finally decided to sell in the "vaccine door" subsidiary Shandong real Jie bio Pharmaceutical Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "real Jie biological"). It is understood that the company intends to real Jie biological total of 85% of the shares transferred to Derun and Yuxi Tianqing woyun with the price of 697 million yuan. The sale of assets with the release of the company is expected to usher in the new controlling shareholder of Yunnan industrial investment holding Refco Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "investment group"). Watson biological Bulletin shows that the transaction is conducive to the complete elimination of the Shandong vaccine incident caused adverse effects on the company. However, in the view of a number of industry insiders, the move can bring results for Watson biological recovery is unknown. For the sale of subsidiary real Jie Watson biological biological and the introduction of new shareholders industry investment group and other issues, "Chinese business newspaper" reporter repeatedly call to Watson biological secretaries office, responsible person, the interview letter has been received, but the leadership is a business trip, will let the acknowledge and reply as soon as possible. However, as of press time, the reporter has not received any reply from the other party. The sale of "hot potato" recently, suspended for more than 6 months finally decided to divest Watson biological real Jie the biological "hot potato". Real Jie biological and its subsidiary Shengtai pharmaceutical has been due to violations of law by the food and drug regulatory authorities to revoke the "GSP certificate", subsequently have been revoked "drug license", and the termination of the National SME share transfer system listed. In September 21st, Watson biological announcement that the company intends to transfer 45% stake in Qing Jie real biological to Derun day in cash transactions, transfer to Yuxi woyun real Jie biological 40% stake. After the completion of this transaction, the company will no longer hold a stake in real biological. Watson biological said, because the vaccine regulations promulgated in a relatively short time, the specific implementation details and measures for supporting local is not yet complete introduction, how to change the domestic vaccine ditch companies’s business model is not yet known, so the short term effects of "Shandong vaccine incident to the vaccine flow of the industry there are still some uncertainty. As soon as possible to eliminate the adverse effects of the uncertainty of the company, the company decided to dispel market concerns, reluctantly transferred real Jie biological stake. But from the point of view of the scale of operation, real Jie biological 2014 and 2015 annual consolidated revenues were 480 million yuan, 740 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of Listed Companies in the same period of business merger caliber income were 66.9% and 73.7%, this also means that the real Jason reluctantly stripping, Watson biological or will lose the most important the source of revenue. It is understood that in July 2013, Watson biological use 300 million yuan funds to purchase real Jie biological, it will be a company developing agent platform business on vaccine相关的主题文章: