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"We have come to the" Angie Chiu Xu Jiao high sandboarding wit – Sohu looking for wine cellar entertainment Angie Chiu challenge high slope Huasha Sohu to the "entertainment news" we welcome the last stop, Angie Chiu power breakthrough self, not only dare to challenge the high altitude project, is to go deep into the "ghost house of Xu Jiao". Xinjiang station in the end what kind of stimulus is waiting for you? Angie Chiu efforts to overcome the psychological barriers to the limit of their own challenges, the spirit of the presence of all the people moved, have to embrace. Overcome the fear of high sand sliding Angie Chiu over his glorious defeat "we have come to the" every game experience are starting from the local characteristics, this came to Xinjiang Shanshan’s most prestigious Kumtag scenic area, sand skiing has naturally become the project must try. All the guests were 221 PK, take the slide from the desert to the highest point of the natural decline, due to the acceleration of gravity, slide quickly rushed to the Shapo under at the moment, appreciate the excitement and pleasure of near misses. As everyone knows, Angie Chiu is afraid of heights, for high altitude project extreme resistance. As early as the Macao station program, in the face of the challenges of the Macao tower project, she chose to give up directly. But in the sand sliding link, but she did not flinch, done in one vigorous effort, to overcome the psychological barrier of fear. But because the focus from sliding down the slope, Angie Chiu did not see the board at the end point, eventually lost to the first press the answer key and the right answer will be handed over to their Xi Mengyao. No matter what the outcome, the courage to challenge their own spirit has been crowned for her, so that people moved. "Not the old goddess" & "vitality girl" to challenge the dark ancient cellar in the next recording session, "old lady" Angie Chiu and "vitality girl" Xu Jiao with the group to enter the Kroraina wine cellar, remove particular wine. However, the wine cellar before the group was directed to ancient Kroraina tone, carefully arranged into a "haunted house", "cellar trap". In two people hand in hand, in the first case of terror lingered for a long time. Looking for it, Xu Jiao suddenly ran up, and Angie Chiu screamed and ran away. Looking at this scene, Sheenah smiled and said: "they will not faint where?" Although two people are very afraid, but still hard to find a room. Two dimensional girl Xu Jiao flash, locked in a room that wine in this room. Angie Chiu looked puzzled and asked, "why is this?" "Because there’s no camera anywhere, there’s a machine in the room!" Xu Jiao’s answer is very witty. It is also because of Xu Jiao’s clever, two people very quickly find the right wine, escape from the haunted house". In addition, Xinjiang speed racing desert Shua pot, high place sand, there is a "haunted house" project. In the end how much stimulation of the heart of Xinjiang, the challenge of adrenaline project? Want to know more, remember to lock the Friday night 20:20 Hunan TV "us"!相关的主题文章: