Wedding season for happiness with those afraid of each other

Wedding season for happiness with those afraid of each other will "change" lead: this year there are a lot of entertainment planned and celebrity couple married, Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung’s wedding this weekend is to let people began to believe in love. In our life, in addition to his lover to accompany, in fact there are a lot of things can be, we can order a sentence to believe, for one goal to work; this sentence, this goal will always accompany us, certainly not afraid they would "change". With you a Book Wang Feng weekends to participate in a "physical, material and spiritual life, who can not escape the problem" as the theme of the book sharing, the sharing of the protagonist is the first anthology of senior media people, but also the GQ editor Wang Feng: "you may go a long way". The 46 article is preface teacher Wang Feng written in GQ for seven years, is a warm "young heart", showing a hug and hope for life. In the press conference is still in progress, my circle of friends will be able to see a lot of friends in the media to recommend this book. "You may go a long way" (photo: Xiao) although I am also a media person, but Wang Feng only heard and not have advanced knowledge from this conference can obviously feel the teacher Wang Feng low-key and humble personality. Conference with teacher Wang Feng’s friends are also a large coffee, a triple executive editor Li Honggu, writer Li Haipeng, Cai Chongda Wang Xin, senior media people, the young writer Zhang Haochen GQ, director of Sun Life tournament host and best-selling author Li Xiaoyi, they share with Wang Feng fortune at the same time, he will side different show in front of us. The conference is to let friends each ask Wang Feng a question, Wang Xin’s problem is caused by the live audience’s curiosity: Wang Feng is a very relaxed person, seem to be what things are not in a hurry, so I wonder whether Wang Feng for love and keep the passion and ability? (at the scene atmosphere collocation this problem, immediately drew a round of applause, the scene also let me admire the "anti Wang Xin underpants" style.) Wang Feng said: Yes, I feel that life, love more than. Yesterday, someone asked me what is the most important in my life, I put the emotion in the first, the second is health, the third is free, really long life, only erotic, the other is for this service. I remember the 84 year old Plath interview, when teeth are not, a reporter asked him to say what you now have ideas about your love, he said every day I longed for love coming, I think this is a desire to die, I feel particularly good. In fact, I do not, I am confident. After listening to the teacher Wang Feng and half joking and meaningful answer, but also let me feel the presence of the predecessors of the talent and feelings. This also seems to confirm the name of the book behind the name of Wang Feng teacher: May you have a long way to go with people who are more important than you want to go. I wish you a long road with your counterparts in a campaign since the mention of peers, I can not help but think of the development of our human history has been very heavy相关的主题文章: