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Wei Gan second birth sun son embrace Photos – Beijing the evening of August 23rd, Wei Gan in the circle of friends of the Annunciation, Ping son gave birth to a second child. Wei Gan drying out a photo of his son in the delivery room, wrote: 20:22 on August 23, 2016. At the end of the last little brother. All smooth." A capital Simei said the actor Wei Gan and Jia Yueting married in early 2008. In 2014, Wei Gan Jia Yueting twins. The first pregnant Wei Gan exposes the pregnancy very hard, the child labor, Wei Gan more difficult. The morning of August 4th, Wei Gan issued a second child emotion during pregnancy is very hard. Looking at, because of fetal nerve oppression right leg, Wei Gan only left side lying, walking is also very painful, some lame. She said her colleagues were worried about a sudden attack, and they were anxious to have an ambulance and a wheelchair ready. Wei Gan also issued a complaint: "do not force me to work!" It is reported that Wei Gan has been called a "desperately Niang", last month, she also worked at micro-blog out of the sun according to the work, and with the text said: "the meeting from eleven in the morning, almost broke his waist. To the present first meal. What I eat are not carefully taste, huchihuchi xiadu". Wei Gan also had a big belly too tired to work in the workplace directly on the chair to sleep, too busy to work during pregnancy can not rest.相关的主题文章: