Wenzhou 1 husband decided to donate his wife to his wife after surgery, the couple decided to open a puritans pride

Wenzhou 1 husband decided to donate kidney to his wife after the couple decided to open a fruit shop Chen Lingyun and his wife, married for 15 years, Li Mulun. 3 years ago, his wife was diagnosed with uremia, the end of May this year, Chen Lingyun deceive all people, go to the hospital to do a test. Learned that his wife and blood pairing success, he decided to donate his kidney to his wife. The day before yesterday, to complete the transplant of Li Mulun after nearly a month of follow-up after discharged, the husband and wife transplant story finally have a happy ending. In November 7th 9 in the morning, Chen Lingyun looked anxiously waited at the isolation ward of the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical transplantation, see. A moment later, his wife, Li Mulun, smiled and walked towards him. This month, because isolation treatment, two people rarely meet. Li Mulun looks good. To see her husband, early in the morning, she had long hair high cupped hands to ward the mirror and light, until one side of the nurse said she looks pretty rosy, this assured. Speaking of her husband Chen Lingyun’s intimate, appear a little shame, Li Mulun will face she said: "every day he would chat with my video, to my home, let me talk to her." Implanted in the body of a husband’s kidney, she felt she and her husband became one. After the operation, Chen Lingyun can no longer continue before the carpenter. Before the operation, he did the last carpentry job, is a cabinet. He said his wife after surgery, there are a lot of things to put, so do the cabinet to her. Chen Lingyun said, "thank you very much for the social from all walks of life and health care for our love and support, received nearly 150 thousand yuan donation. We will make good use of these funds. Without everyone’s help, there will be no today." Xia Peng, director of the Department of kidney transplantation, the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, said: "the operation was successful, they all recovered well, and so far they have not been very expensive. Chen Lingyun will be able to do some light work after 3 to 6 months." Chen Lingyun said that for the future of life, he has been thinking about. They are going to open a fruit shop, he is responsible for the purchase, the wife is responsible for the store.相关的主题文章: