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Wenzhou building collapse accident: a three year old survivor and parents together the first night building collapsed – Beijing, that is a face can not see the photos, but it shook everyone’s heart. Young father, in a pile of rubble, half of the body exposed, strong dark shoulder arcuate, dusty, deep and low head, arms still keep arms posture. Arms, is a 3 year old daughter Xi, is the last survivor of the collapse in Wenzhou. Lying next to her mother Li Weiyan, and took her to Wenzhou’s grandfather, was found dead. On October 10th at 3:25 in the morning, Tu Cun central street Lucheng District Wenzhou Zhejiang Shuangyu Street No. 159 central 4 farmers from the building collapsed, 22 dead, 6 injured for migrant workers. On the same day from 6:20 in the afternoon, 14 hours after the incident, when rescue workers opened a 20 cm thick cement board, found kneeling below Wu Youpeng and his embrace of the small xi. 26 year old Wu Youpeng from Henan in Zhoukou, Wenzhou shoe factory spent 8 years, in the central street 159 shabby rental house to live for nearly two years, until the night with her sweet sleep. Xi and his father Wu Youpeng in the photo of the rental house reunion night, always sleep with Grandpa Xi was father holding a sweet sleep. Until 3:25 in the morning, Tu Cun Central Street No. 159 central 4 houses came with a bang this day, Wu Youpeng and Li Weiyan for a long time, they too want to daughter. 7:30 on October 9th, Wu Youpeng time arrived at the road near the shoe leather shoes factory, put down the wooden folding stool, wearing aprons, line has been opened, pairs of shoes from the conveyor belt by a forceps, a piece of stainless steel plate, is Youpeng Wu eat "guy". At 9:30 in the morning, he took to the workshop director Chen Zhihong, "the daughter and father came from Chongqing, going to the station to meet them not to delay the Shuangyu car this afternoon." "The factory is not busy right now, and Wu Ying should have seen her daughter for almost a year." Chen Zhihong said. Four hours later, at 1:30 in the afternoon Wu Youpeng appeared in his position, it is a line in the "package" belongs to the post, on the shoe manufacturing process, is forming, four people in a group to complete the day’s list, Wu Youpeng did not want to delay you. Day 6 in the morning, Li Weiyan also early to her factory, located in the central village, away from the incident painted only a few hundred meters factory, the work is "car", is also sewing. This is a piece to billing jobs, Li Weiyan has been the most diligent working group, one of the fastest people. On this day, she also took two hours off, 12:30 back to work. Workers Zhao Qingrong said, back to the station, Li Weiyan told the little sisters, "Xi daughter off to my Doraemon cake, I spent 5 dollars to buy her a small cake, nor machine cat pattern, the big birthday she will buy later, she pouted not happy." On this day, Take Yutomo came home from work at 6 p.m., and Li Weiyan had been at the factory until 10:30 in the evening. She Fang相关的主题文章: