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Home-Audio-Video Once you view a HDTV program on a LCD TV screen, you will probably be hooked for life. The colors are so vivid and the resolution so sharp that it just makes TV viewing a pleasure. But one of the big advantages of a LCD TV monitor is it’s ability to be mounted almost anywhere thanks to it’s thin configuration. Televisions have normally been viewed as a piece of furniture that takes up floor space in your home. That’s because the old CRT TV screens were very large and bulky, especially in the larger screen sizes, and just not conducive to being mounted very easily. But LCD TVs are changing all of that. They can actually be mounted on any flat surface that is capable of supporting their weight, even the ceiling. So what do you need to wall mount a LCD TV? Thankfully, LCD wall mounts are becoming much more popular and available as the sales of LCDs continues to grow. They can be found both online and offline and come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. You can get a simple wall mount that mainly consists of some metal brackets that attach to the wall and then the TV is mounted on them, or you can get more sophisticated and buy a wall mount that has arms that allow you to slide the TV in and out from the wall and even adjust the viewing angle as desired. The biggest caveat with LCD wall mounts is to be absolutely certain that the one you choose will indeed support the full weight of your particular TV monitor. To find out consult the TV specifications for your monitor in the user manual or online and determine it’s weight first. Then as you shop notice carefully how much weight each mount is capable of handling. If the supported weight statistics are not shown, don’t even bother with that mount. Once you have the type of LCD wall mount that you want, the most important step is to actually install it. If you choose to do this yourself, be sure to follow the directions from the manufacturer very carefully in the installation process. It would also be a very good idea to be familiar with doing some kind of home improvement beforehand that involves wall mounts. After all, this mount will be holding a very expensive piece of equipment and if it fails, you will stand a good chance of destroying the TV altogether. If you don’t feel qualified to install the wall mount, hire out the job to someone who you know can handle that kind of job, and factor in the installation costs to make sure that it still fits into your budget. Once installed correctly a LCD TV will be a joy to watch for many years and will also probably be a topic of conversation for whoever visits your home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: