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Why do we have so much money to buy a two bedroom? Sohu – reading from Japan Hiroshima architect Shan Zhou, because the transformation of a family called "the history of the primary school district housing" Beijing old courtyard is known — 35 square meters of three generations of 5 people cramped living environment improved, re interpretation of the life in hutong. Now there have been a variety of shared communities, shared lifestyles. We do not need to buy a car, there are drops, excellent step; there are also a variety of takeaway APP. So why is our life, the place we live in? Hello, everyone. I’m Zhou Ping ping. I am an architect from Japan. I am very happy to be here today in Shanghai. I usually live in Beijing, today to share with you, is my understanding of the concept of the home, as well as has been thinking about the future of the home. Why have I been thinking about my family? As we all know, the progress of urbanization in China for decades, a lot of young people in Shanghai, Beijing, the Spring Festival to go home, may be home to the parents, but it is not a child who had lived in the house. They moved to a new city, a new house. If I go back to my hometown, my parents live in the house where I lived when I was a child. So I think young people in China are a group of people who lack the concept of home, including their own home in the city. They may have a small house, but they have been working from morning till night. This house can not be said to be their home, because the home is the home of the container, or home is the same thing as the family clothes. Family has been changing, the home has been changing. Our family is a big family, probably in China and japan. Over the past ten people live together, grandma grandpa, mom and Dad, children and grandchildren live together. This situation has slowly changed, China is the father and mother and children three people, the Japanese words, in general, is the mother and father of the two children of four people, is to become a standard model of a small family. There has been a big change in this situation recently. Now in Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, these big cities have become more of a family. For example, the number on the right is now the case of Tokyo’s family. As you can see, most of them have become a family. Second is a family of two people. We believe that the standard family of four people, has become a small part of about 15%. So now we need to think about the situation when we think about home, or think about the future. Because we had a big family like this, a lot of people live together, so this big family there are a variety of things, you can exchange, education, experience, complete all kinds of behavior in our family. Now there is no such a family, the original completion of the behavior of the family in the end where it is done? This is a question. Our original house is like this, you can see the back of the mountain with the natural link, but相关的主题文章: