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Why marriage must be based on love? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: read this world star into the sea, and People are hurrying to and fro. flowers bloom, spring, and our own, this is the one and only individuals have only one life and one world, a short span of one hundred years. So the girl, when you get married, I want to ask you: do you love him? When the wedding dress, when the song played, when the wishes fold of relatives and friends, whether you can hear my heart filled with the irrepressible joy in love and to meet? If yes, then I will be happy to shed tears for you. If not, what did you marry the bride? I have witnessed the wedding emcee asked "would you like to do, is willing to go with bride replied. At that time the thunderous applause suddenly dumb, after a second quiet terrible atmosphere. I believe someone who have the experience, whether it is the life of parents or the words of a match-maker, free love, marriage, or whatever differences continue to fall apart at the wedding festivities are the same table can not be sweet. "Fairly willing" is a kind of reluctance and helplessness. In a loving partner into the fortress, in the face of the accident, the intrigues of the earth crumbles communication, how will have the power to love how willing to of indomitable spirit, raising his hand to block the haze, bow to say I love you. Day than you imagine to be long, life trivial than books, if there is no love cards, no most willing to pay, tolerance and support, marriage life will be thinner than paper. Deep love does not want to talk about such an example, and would like to cite such an example, while you are still outside the city, I hope you have some experience. China and China model marriage finally came to an end in public art. That moment out of the rumor, surprised and puzzled but at a faster speed to control the failure of public opinion. Whether langcainvmao or Lang Choi female appearance, and her husband are China is well matched, happy couple. A big beautiful temperament is the organ of unit one, one is the place to the senior leadership of enterprises. Harmonious partner image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, did not hear any gossip and derailment, did not burst over the contradictions and entanglement. The two major obstacles of marriage did not even touch what ship called "rock", is in smooth water without any sign, turn. Turn over. Stand in the central China and China groundless talk changed into a beautiful, dress, smiling to work, someone tried to comfort forward. Hua waved his hand: "do not need ah. If this marriage, have come to the divorce this step, I can not feel the pain, but also keep doing." Most people’s life will meet the marriage, but few people’s marriage and love completely coincide. Huahua is unfortunate woman, she is stepping on the condition of all the match, but the heart of another person in love. Later, after the birth of a child, small voice call Mom and dad. Huahua and his husband is determined to run this one)相关的主题文章: