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Home-Improvement When you think of renovating your house or .ing up with a new building, you may need to go for a double glazed window over a single-glazed because of a number of reasons: Insulation This is one basic advantage of double glazing over others, you should never forget the fact that 25% of heat is lost through the window; therefore well-fitted double-glazed windows will reduce your costs on insulation. This is one main advantage as .pared to the traditional windows or the single-glazed windows. Safety Single-glazed windows are usually made of a single sheet or simple glass which can easily shatter into long, sharp shards if hit. The double thickness in the double-glazed window reduces the chances of the double panes being broken. Whether you use toughened glass, shatterproof glass or security glass, double glazing offers you the confidence and the safety you need over single glazing. Security Double glazing, without doubt offers you with the security you need; it makes it difficult for a thief to break into your home by basically breaking a window pane to get into the house. Security in double glazed windows is based on the window frames and locking systems as .pared to the glass itself, especially if the double-glazed window is being locked from inside. Style Double glazing .es in different styles and designs and this has helped those people who are doing renovations to match the style of their old windows with the new ones especially when you find double glazing windows which fit your architecture and improve your houses beauty. Energy conservation Double glazing reduces heat loss through the windows by as much as 50%, therefore reducing your heating bills. It also helps you in the conservation of natural resources as well as keeping your house warmer, especially in rooms with larger windows; the difference in temperature is highly noticeable. It will help maintain a .fortable temperature without wasting too much energy on your heating or cooling bill. Frames There are three major frames for double glazed windows, the PVCu, aluminium and wood. PVCu frames basically are the best for energy conservation, and wooden frames are the most attractive while aluminum frames are the sturdiest. These frames are rarely found in the single glazed windows; therefore it brings out a great advantage of double glazers over the single ones. Regardless of the above advantages, it is equally important to do considerate shopping. When shopping for double glazing, ensure that you get the best quality, the price you pay will affect your pleasure, safety and .fort, it is therefore important that you choose what is best for you; whether cheap or expensive. Having a great installation is equally important, poor installation can negate all the beautiful advantages in double glazing; it only makes sense to choose the best experienced contractor to do the job. Double glazing brings out the best in your home; its basically what you really need, with its great advantages and .petitive prices, which brings out the best for you. Try it out and find out what you have been missing in your home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: