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Wonderful name can send express: the implementation of real name system for one year only? Beijing – the courier sender did not fill in the real name. Tang Qi photo Beijing, Beijing, November 11, (Tang Qi) fill in the courier sender name column a "odd" word, no need to show any identity documents, parcel was successfully sent. Express from November 1st last year, the implementation of real name system, after more than a year, really dead? Double 11 coming, the busiest time node in the courier industry, the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter conducted a survey interview. More than a year: express the real name system exist? "You don’t need an ID card when you send a book, but only when the country opens some important meetings." This is the new network reporter in Beijing Fengtai District a rookie inn express the real name system when consulting reply. In recent years, similar to this collection, rookie post parcel service more and more common, this grocery store owner said, her shop serves excellent speed express, do not need to show ID card, will be able to complete the mailing service quickly, this situation also exists in the rhyme department through and in the courier mail when. It is worth noting that, as one of the sponsors of the SF EXPRESS express the real name system, in its official WeChat opened a public number door-to-door shipping services. Live in Beijing Chaoyang District Chen Feng on the Internet recently completed the name and mobile phone number, 50 minutes after the courier to find him, to find him to send a iPhone mobile phone. Because the object is more valuable, he asked whether the courier ID card, courier blankly asked him: "what Id?" In the interview, the only need to identify the identity of China post. Beijing, a reporter from Beijing Fengtai District China postal outlets understand that no identification of the original is unable to handle the shipping business, the staff said, do not necessarily need ID card, driving license, account of this and so can. Courier companies need to pursue efficiency, the pursuit of profit." Renmin University of China law school professor Liu Junhai told reporters in Beijing, if each sent to check the identity of the case, will undoubtedly increase the workload of couriers, affecting the efficiency of distribution. China express association secretary general Shao Zhonglin also told reporters on the new site, the real name system and the non real name system delivery efficiency is not the same, business processes are not the same time. Express the rapid development of the industry. Tang Qi taken non mandatory regulations over the implementation of the real name system, difficult to synchronize with popularization of Internet shopping, "double 11", "double 12" online shopping promotion on the waves, consumers and businesses demand for express industry increasingly wide range of security issues express parcels placed in the net purchase of owners and the public. August 2011, Yuantong express Hangzhou branch express parcel explosion occurred, killing two injured employees of the company; in February 2012, Guangzhou Tianhe District Tangxia street, a man was wounded in the face and hands express parcel, express the investigation of this two bombings are the sender recipient act of revenge. Therefore, the courier real name system, open packet inspection has become a way to ensure the safety of courier parcels相关的主题文章: