World Cup – Italy 1-1 Spain Buffon gifts De Rossi Jiangong (video)

World Cup – Italy 1-1 Spain Buffon gifts De Rossi [collection] Italy Jiangong 1-1 Spain Buffon mistakes De Rossi equalised World Cup draw with Italy sports Tencent Spain October 7th news Beijing time 2:45 on October 7th, the 2018 World Cup qualifying group phase second round, Italy (official data) at Juve Tucci arena against spain. Buffon appeared serious mistakes, Vitolo opened the scoring for Spain, De Rossi last-minute penalty for Italy tie the score, Alba, Montolivo has to leave because of injury. Replay seventh minutes, Diego – Costa Bonucci deliberately slap face, the referee did not show a yellow card. Eleventh minutes, Iniesta (data) back to do, Silva homeopathic straight biography, the forbidden area in the middle of the left foot rub shot was confiscated by the king of Buffon, Iniesta. Seventeenth minutes, Diego – Costa road closed area right foot shot was sealed by the player. Eighteenth minutes, Silva restricted area before the left foot shot by De Rossi denied the bottom line. Nineteenth minutes, Iniesta on the cross, Peake small restricted header guard line. Twenty-seventh minutes, Busquets was booked down pelle. Forty-fourth minutes, Beato Lola Bonucci was a yellow card warning. Forty-fifth minutes, Diego – Costa elbowed Bonucci was booked. Fifty-fifth minutes, midfielder Busquets pass, Buffon was kicked out of the penalty area to rescue, Vitolo broke into the restricted area right foot push Kongmen network, 1 to 0! Spain gets ahead. Nearly 2 times for the Spanish national team, Vitolo scored 2 goals, while in Seville, Bituoluoben season 10 games to score. Sixty-eighth minutes, Kirk cross, bittolo single handedly broke into the restricted Youlei poke out slightly. Seventieth minutes, Bonaventura penalty free kick on the right side of the closed road crossing, Rome gnoli header wide. Seventy-sixth minutes, Ramos was a yellow card warning. Eighty-first minutes, Ramos in the restricted area in the bottom line for the trip Bruch Adair, a reminder of the penalty, De Rossi penalty lied to David De Gea after the break, 1 to 1! This is De Rossi scored nineteenth goals for the Italy national team, nearly 4 times for the national team scored in the home of De Rossi. The end of the game, Italy 1 1 draw with Spain and Italy will be the world cup and the European Cup qualifier unbeaten streak extended to 52 games, while Spain is the World Cup qualifying unbeaten streak extended to 55 games. Technical statistics of Italy project in Spain score shots shot is the number 36% corner ball rate 64% passes red yellow card foul offside goalkeeper Italy times full possession rate is only 36%, 7 shots 1 shots, 13 shots and Spain 3 shots. In the first half, Italy 0 shot, but the ball rate was only 28%. Substitute immobile 3 shot 0 shots, De Rossi only one shot on the penalty, Diego – Costa 3 shot 0 shots, Iniesta, David Silva, Bituoluoge had 2 shots. The line-up of Italy (3-5-2): goalkeeper: Buffon defender: Barzagli, Bonui, Rome midfielder Floren Zi, Montolivo: gnoli (30 minutes), Pedro Bonaventura)相关的主题文章: