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Wu Qing: Zhang wailong coach led to keep good state away from Hot pot – Sohu sports the evening of October 30th, in the autumn cold, Chongqing Lifan 2016 season drew period. Lifan to exceed last year’s score, ranking in the eighth rankings, consistent with last season. This year’s competition more than last year, so it is not easy to get the Lifan record last week, the Chongqing morning news reporter interviewed the Lifan club members Wu Qing. Wu Qing: once a knot, Lifan can do much better than 35 year old still occupies in the starting position, Chongqing Zaier Wu Qing has been highly concerned about the fans. Last week, he said in an interview, although there was the knot this year, but the overall performance of their very satisfied. In his opinion, Lifan also increased the space. Goal drought let him keep the pressure to stay away from the hot pot this year, Wu Qing scored 2 goals, there are more than 3 assists, rushed to the front door to find a chance to score, but also missed some of the best scoring opportunities. Wu Qing admits he was on the field of psychological pressure. "An offensive player into the goal drought, there will certainly be psychological pressure, so in some opportunities are not sure. There are some balls, was really run to the goal, but did not play well, because the mentality of a problem." Wu Qing told reporters, after adjustment, the pressure eased. Generally speaking, it is normal to have ups and downs in a season. I think my overall performance is good, and I have confidence in next year." Veteran how to maintain a good state, Wu Qing said mainly from two aspects, one is to rest well, the two is to control the diet. As a people, love to eat spicy food such as Hot pot oil, but must pay attention to my age, to eat, do not eat as much as possible." Zhang Wailong led the way in improving the Lifan in Wu Qing’s view, although earlier this year Lifan encountered many difficulties, but under the leadership of Zhang Wailong is getting better and better, "Zhang took over the team after the hand between the players running, tactics, players and other ideas, from the beginning to now change. I can feel profoundly. Especially in the second half of the season, the team’s attack quickly. In the spirit we also improved the game behind, we can go to tie or even overtake, that everyone’s mind is not the same. If in the defense and tiny link to do better, Lifan results should be better, the team has to development space." Newspaper reporter He Yan相关的主题文章: