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Wuhan airport line seven station traffic returned to reporters to inquire and coordinate recently, presumably a lot of Subway Line No. 2 in the nation has "encounter" the new airport line. As the north extension line, airport line and line 2 has entered the trial run phase. From next month, the 2 line from the station will be increased to 28, the new increase in the airport line of the 7 sites in particular where? Morning news reporter yesterday to inquire about the field. The airport line (2 line north extension line) by Metro Line 2 Jinyintan Station extends to Tianhe Airport Station, full-length 19.5km, 7 stations: evergreen city station, Hongtu Boulevard Station, station, panlongcheng dragon Avenue station (elevated), Song Jiagang (elevated), aviation headquarters station, Tianhe Airport station. At 9 yesterday morning, the reporter drove from the Silver Lake Station, traveling east along the Silver Lake Avenue, reach the general road four, the left side is the construction of real estate "subway era · evergreen city", is located in evergreen depot Line No. 2 on the ground. Airport line first station evergreen city station is here, and the property is basically seamless docking. Subsequently, a reporter to travel along the Silver Lake Avenue, Grand Avenue to see the airport, Hongtu Boulevard Station line and 3 line transfer station "". This is a station has been operating, the reporter swipe the station, just in the platform to see an airport line B36 new car heading towards Tianhe Airport, which is doing a trial run test. This transfer station has two stations, in order to facilitate passenger transfer, take the No. 3 line to reach the end of the platform can be transferred to the airport line 2. Then, the reporter drove to the airport line third station "Panlong city station". Traveling along the Grand Avenue, turn left on the Panlong road from the bridge over the river, Panlong City, soon arrived near the panlongcheng site when I see, is located in the road on both sides of the subway entrance. Continue to move forward along the Panlong Road, arrived at the Dragon Road, turn left, see Panlong City Economic Development Zone building, fourth stations will be able to see the "dragon Avenue station" exit. The fifth station "Song Gang station" and sixth station "aviation headquarters station, two elevated station, walk along the road to see the dragon. The last station "Tianhe Airport Station and underground station, distance aviation headquarters station is far away, the line across the Shanghai Chengdu expressway, a Horse Lake, turn right into the airport area, then enter the underground. Reporters drove to the airport two high-speed, Tianhe Airport station. T1, T2 terminal is located in the northwest side of the airport station, the construction of the T3 terminal in the future and the airport station can be transferred, the next subway walk to T3, walk about 7~10 minutes. The reporter noted yesterday, driving from Jinyintan Avenue, arrived at the macro to Tulu, Panlong Road, dragon road, airport road along the line of the basic ground has been restored, the smooth flow of traffic. (reporter Tao Changning Tang Jie) visited the small progress in the construction of the airport line of Wuhan metro section panlongcheng相关的主题文章: