Wuxue Flower Town attaches great importance to the people’s Congress bills for advice-christie stevens

Wuxue Flower Town attaches great importance to the people’s Congress bills for November 11th, town Wuxue City Township new and old street reconstruction project of black brush construction preparation, is expected before the end of may be completed. The town government attaches great importance to the deputies to the people’s Congress and proposes to handle the work. At the beginning of this year, the fifth meeting of the third session of the 24 people’s Congress of Flower Town put forward a total of 25 proposals, including 1 bills and a total of suggestions. At present, 22 are satisfied with the motion proposals and 3 are basically satisfied. The bill is a new township, the old streets of upgrading, to 1.72 km long, 9 meters wide street, 2.9 km long, 20 meters wide street damage repair and black brush, the source of funds for the town government raised. The 24 proposals relate to the construction of water conservancy infrastructure, urban construction, traffic, environmental protection, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and the management of rural "three capital". The township government and relevant departments, villages (communities) actively intensify efforts, representatives of the proposed motion is being dealt with, 24 proposals have been handled 22, 2 due to financial, policy, institutional and other reasons is difficult to solve, has been explained to the representative. For more information, please focus on WeChat subscriptions in great Huanggang

武穴花桥镇高度重视办理人大代表议案建议 11月11日,武穴市花桥镇镇区新、老街道改造刷黑工程进行施工准备工作,预计年底前可完工。花桥镇政府高度重视人大代表议案、建议办理工作,切实做到件件有回音,事事有着落。今年初,花桥镇第三届人民代表大会第五次会议代表提出的议案、建议共25件,其中议案1件、建议意见共24件。目前,代表对议案建议办理结果满意的有22件,基本满意的有3件。议案内容是镇区新、老街道进行改造提档升级,对长1.72公里、宽9米老街,长2.9公里、宽20米新街破损处进行修复并刷黑,资金来源为镇政府自筹。24件建议涉及水利基础设施建设、城建交通、环保、“三农”、农村“三资”管理等。经镇政府及相关部门、村(社区)积极加大办理力度,代表们所提出的议案正在办理,24件建议已办理22件,有2件由于财力、政策、体制等原因一时难以解决,已向代表作出解释。更多资讯请关注【大楚黄冈】微信订阅号相关的主题文章: