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Xiangxi women’s beauty is not raw natural beauty – Sohu of Xiangxi tourism mountain mysterious, quaint, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls thousands of miles miangen. Xiangxi man with a wild breath, rough, bold but not pretty, Xiangxi women’s beauty, is a natural beauty without carving. Xiangxi, deep in the mountains, Miao daughter today have to wear national costume, staring at the edge of the village said the Xiangxi woman long water Lingling is because of Xiangxi’s landscape to support people, because the original water gurgling stream, a river. The clear mountain streams in the mountains, in the village, in the flowing field mischievously, stream fish and fresh and lovely. In the mountains of Xiangxi, you go on a ten in eight years will encounter a small village, so the nature of a world can live several generations of people. The spread of this old song: Grilled row Yankee raft from the flies flowing through to sing: "a penny dart falls Creek, two girls in the laundry, the water depth on the penny, I try to sing folk songs, folk song sister meaning" young woman with the sub village on stilts. Girl listening to or resentment, the Bold will against the window denouncing a "green wave; Tan called your tongue to spin vortex!" The discharge guy heard he got good like scream sing: "sister got love words, brother heart is sweet honey, three days and nights not thirsty, sister words when spring." This will hold a bamboo pole to the floor in the fire / smoke woman. For a long time, put a fresh Lingling, supple and tender flower girl sing their drift for their wives, children cooking and washing, can do a woman. Miao Wu Nuo cultural successor Gao Hui Xiangxi wunuo is close disciple of master Ma Fubao. "Chicken" Nirvana live performances, the neighbors now catch chicken shop with the purchase of the incense paper, instantly make the chicken alive and kicking the Horde, any noise is not only high up, master solution. Seeing is true. Xiangxi people good, Xiangxi water is sweet, poetry and painting are difficult to achieve the artistic conception of Xiangxi landscape. Simple and elegant folk customs of Xiangxi, Xiangxi amorous girl, bold man, Grandpa and grandma that in March three also cannot sing the song in September ten, hill is not the road of the Millennium ancient, the tranquil landscape painting in Xiangxi! We go to Xiangxi Baojing County Lu Dong Shan villagers stone into the home row? (shot to give us the little girl A Yu Miao model) see stone home has eight late parents, raising four daughters and a son, three children and two women in the village school reading, reading level in Jishou, all academic excellence. Her father, a top beam pillar into the main one working to support 9 people, there is no guarantee of food and clothing, four children need tuition assistance, such as caring people can be precise docking. Stone into the main phone 15200752164. A Yu, Miao, 16 years old, the school of academic excellence, the performance is very good after we finished filming in front of the camera, each person gives some money to her family to buy some daily necessities either look, also hope that the A Yu sisters soon finish school early to enter the society, help solve difficulties in the family. Note: Thank you very much for the high teacher and she little sisters (Miao) wear clothing Miao guest model.相关的主题文章: