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Yang Zhi: next year back to par Zhou Ting all the best hope Guo Yang Zhi in the game last night, 2016 in the final round of the season in the super game, home court battle Beijing Guoan in the less a person, more than 3 to 1 victory over Henan Jianye team this season, his ranking locked in fifth. 33 thousand fans braved the cold to watch the game. In addition, Hangzhou Greentown team with the final decline in Shijiazhuang, Yongchang. The next one, instead of scoring three goals, is the last round of the season, and it’s also a time to say goodbye. Before the game, Zhou Ting will leave for the national security held a grand ceremony. Since the last round of the game gets a yellow card, the Zhou Ting suspension, can not be completed in the 300th National Games, but it still can not hide the national security force in 11 year old veteran and his position in the brilliant fans in mind. At the ceremony, the national security club gave Zhou Ting a number 4 commemorative jerseys, the team also lined up to welcome the way to express his gratitude and respect. When the game was fourth minutes, the fans stood up and shouted Zhou Ting’s name. The national security team in the competition after the opening quickly mastered the field initiative, but because of the continuous thirty-third minutes Zhang Chengdong put the shovel, the referee was directly sent off. However, a few people Guoan are not confused, but in 5 minutes will usher in a goal, the last round of the outstanding Du Mingyang sent assists, Augusto scored the goal after the head angle. Sixty-seventh minutes, Guoan to expand the score, and Du Mingyang’s Cross found Yilmaz, the latter Leipzig succeeded. Seventy-second minutes, Guoan again scored, Li Hanbo swimming Xiezhuan area, IL maz flying header, 3 to 0. This is the Turkey striker this season’s top eleventh individual goals. Although in eighty-seventh minutes by Osman Jianye team pulled a ball, but the national security or 3 to 1 ending war victory. Yang Zhi said the home court winning less after the game, in an interview with Yang Zhi first talked about the farewell Guoan Zhou Ting: "before the game did not hear quite brother want to leave a message, he did not know in the country, are not very happy now." Speaking of the game, Yang Zhi said: This is the last home game this year, we have to leave the fans to victory, after all, this year to win home less, and finally we do it. In any case, we really do this year, and hope to be able to play again before the national security team." Subsequently, the topic turned back to Zhou Ting, then there are some Yang Yang eye redness, he said: this victory is also dedicated to the brother, this is a good home to play this year. Hope is a way to go to brother, even if he to the other team, will always be our big brother." Guoan coach team leader Xie Feng said after the game: "to do well in the spirit and the spirit of our players today. The players played very hard, in less than one case, still in accordance with the deployment of kicking. We are very clear Jianye football today, the second half we seize the opportunity. We have a lot of shortcomings in the 2016 season, the next to sum up, thank you very much for today’s fans." For the upcoming Didier Zhou Ting, Xie相关的主题文章: