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Yao Ming cares about the new coach: Lippi really can help Chinese football? Yao Ming golf course to play football (pictures from the network) express Hainan electric reporter Wang Di reported yesterday afternoon, 2016 Guanlanhu star game ended in Haikou this summer, on behalf of China team to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio golf champion Li Haotong to two rounds of 78 points (39-39), 1 points to win the Champions league. In all of the contestants came to Haikou, Chinese the former men’s basketball national champion Yao Ming concern, although poor grades, but Yao Ming in the play when also do not forget about our life, Lippi can help? "The day before yesterday afternoon, China Football Association announced that Lippi as Chinese football coach. News, immediately aroused concern from all walks of life. Yao Ming in Haikou, although the men’s basketball team was born, but his enthusiasm for the national foot is no lower than others. In the game, he and his friends to talk to Lippi help Chinese football?." However, the friend did not give Yao Ming a clear answer to the question, who is clear about the Chinese football, it seems that in the eyes of Yao Ming, please go to a big coach on the national foot is bound to be able to upgrade. Yao Ming said that although the overall level of Chinese football is low, but if you have led a top coach, the technical force can still raise some. Yao Ming knows the country foot in 12 before the 4 games 1 flat 3 negative, the situation is very bad, but Yao Ming also said: "as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we can not give up, the sports game is full of chance, this is the charm of sports competitions, both football, basketball or golf." If in the race next month in Qatar to the Orangemen Lectra home court, the Orangemen may also qualify a glimmer of hope. Yao Ming said, now look at how Lippi can tune." Yao Ming not only talks about football, but also plays football. In the game star game – 14 hole Football Challenge, Yao Ming in front of a giant will show his footwork. In the face of former NBA star Allen Iverson’s challenge, tall long legs Yao Ming seems less flexible than Iverson, but the final performance is better, the "little giant" a coherent action, run, play ball, leg hit card, but Iverson put the ball for three foot tifei. How Yao Ming golf technology? Is the third consecutive session of participating Yao Ming often appear single hole bogey seven or eight bar, Yao Ming said: "it is not easy, basketball and golf are similar, one is to put the ball in the basket, one is to send the ball hole, but basketball is to see who the score is high, golf is who score lower than. From this point of view, we need to make adjustments very, very large." Yao Ming Golf no, Iverson is almost level, speaking of difference between golf and basketball, Iverson face a docile demeanor, "the difference is very large, I have a lot of respect for golf athletes, because golf is an ideal sport."相关的主题文章: