You want to know the current round of market regulation and do not want to know here

Do you want to know the current round of market regulation and don’t want to know here (real estate Tencent Zhang Huan from Beijing) National Day 7 day, 20 city regulation relay: a week ago, we are still complaining about the purchase difficult, even in Hangzhou to decide who can buy a house through a case of playing mahjong game. A week later, has been subversive. Due to the impact of the new deal, the purchase Shoufu ratio adjustment, because many buyers can not afford housing, have to face termination. Before all call and ask how to buy the house, now how do not buy consultation in breach of contract. Prior to a friend in the evening of September to meet the 30 consultation, in order to grab the room eleven, but after the introduction of the new deal, during the trip to the peace of mind on the eleven. (the play is good, where there should be applause) Nanjing property editor Li Zimo believes that real estate has been playing bad, the next 3 years, may have been the consolidation period. Focus on urban housing prices will not fall in a short time, but it is impossible to rise again, after six months does not rule out the possibility of price promotions, since the loss of wealth effect, can no longer play wantonly. Q: house prices down how to do? Now can buy a house? Answer: for buyers to be happy, now is the policy of the city, the reservoir did not exactly when the real breaching of the dike, so buyers can select. Q: I have 3 million cash on hand, the annual income of about $500 thousand, would like to invest in the house where to buy now? All to the high point. A: first tier cities, second tier cities, the scarcity of individual land in the Yangtze River Delta or coastal cities. For example, you have 200 thousand deposit, if you want to save more than 400 thousand, buy a house down payment of 600 thousand. Don’t go directly to save money, we must first pay a set of Beijing around the house, or when you save 400 thousand of your down payment, can you buy a house more and more far. Q: is to buy second-hand housing mature area, or the potential of the new film room? Answer: you want to hedge investment preferences, stable or mature area of second-hand housing, the film area may have appreciation potential, but can be built according to the planning is the key to use the perspective of China development, do not use too much of the perspective of development of the city China. Q: wait a minute, will you reduce the price? Answer: reminder, since 2003, the previous regulation, policy focus is to curb the rapid rise, rather than price. Because the real estate market is the basic investment as the main market for so many years, everyone is to buy or not to buy, the price drop but no one bought, so developers generally do not drop down a bit useless, unless it is reduced to 20%, only useful. At present, developers on the market most lucrative, this year the capital chain is not tight, there is no need for the sale price. So the price will not go to the juvenile, I chose to observe the business is Hengda and Vanke, if Hengda down, it is a disk began, if Vanke began to drop, it is the whole market began to fall. This is not the first time the purchase, in 2009 began the first round of purchase, not a few years later, in addition to the North Canton, almost all cities have canceled the purchase. I think, within five years, the purchase will be like the last exit slowly. Because the pros and cons of this policy are too obvious. Under the control of the short-term property market is a high probability event, but if the supply side of the problem is not resolved.相关的主题文章: