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Yuesao industry high prices of the industry to teach you how to choose a good Yuesao Taizhou Jiaojiang Anke, due in December, I want to find a good Yuesao to take care of themselves and the baby to a domestic company, now Yuesao monthly salary of 5800 yuan first million dollars, and a wide variety of people watching. Along with the "two children" full liberalization policy, coupled with the baby monkey born to get together, demand for maternal and child class domestic service increasingly strong, however, reporters found that the market Yuesao titles management has no unified standard for a multitude of names. What is more value for mom and baby care, listen to professional advice. Mom: see Yuesao grade foggy Jiaojiang Anke next month is going to be a mother, I want to find a good Yuesao and take care of their unborn child, but they were all Yuesao grade confused. "We Yuesao are carefully graded, a star award 5800 yuan, 6800 yuan, 7800 yuan, 8800 yuan Samsung four-star, five-star 9800 yuan, gold Yuesao 11800 yuan." I heard that to find a Yuesao, Jiaojiang housekeeping service company staff immediately given the above 6 levels Yuesao price. The staff told Ms. Ho, the reason why there are different grades of Yuesao, because the services provided by the company at the division level, mainly according to the experience and ability of yuesao. In addition to the above grade form, and domestic service companies in the primary, intermediate and advanced, silver, gold, crown class for their draw level with gold and gold, the price of over 10000 crown class. She just want to find a month, but the first to be domestic service agencies in all kinds of titles to get dizzy. These different levels of exactly what each Yuesao skills? So many who set a Yuesao level? Are the standards of domestic service agencies the same? These are the questions of MS ho. More importantly, she found that the title of a multitude of names but no unified standard. This service to prolactin, prolactin has the skill level to Yuesao need to find in the gold medal and above in a service company; and to another, with five-star Yuesao prolactin skills. Two looking Yuesao can refer to the "national standard" price, the credibility of these all kinds of titles how? The city and a domestic service company responsible person told the reporter that the enterprise self styled crown, gold medal, silver medal Yuesao credibility is not high. The better the title, in fact, the thicker the meaning of packaging, there are some companies is to win the eye. The responsible person to remind the expectant parents, in February 1st this year, "housekeeping service of maternal and child living nursing service quality standards" and "domestic service agencies classification and evaluation of" two "national standard" has been officially implemented. The specification of maternal and child life quality of nursing service and housekeeping services division were standardized and the definition, puts forward the basic requirements for Yuesao practitioners. Among them, the quality of life care services for maternal and child care service provides a clear statement. Standard maternal and child care service is divided into one star, two stars, Samsung, the star, the star class and the gold medal of a total of six class, one of the lowest level of the class, the highest level of the gold medal for the class of four, and a total of more than $five. Different grades of mother.相关的主题文章: