Zhang Jie 22 day tour tickets all sold out quickly landing in Shanghai zhongguorentiyishu

Zhang Jie 22 day tour tickets all sold out Zhang Jie landing Shanghai rushed to ShangHai Railway Station tour tickets sold out across the board rushed to Zhang Jie Sina entertainment Zhang Jie [micro-blog]2016: "I think" world tour in July officially kicked off, the first stop from the Beijing Workers Stadium kicks off, fans chasing a resurgence. Shanghai has a special meaning for Zhang Jie, this is where he is dreaming. And in the upcoming October 22nd Mercedes Benz Cultural Center Concert "I want to tour ShangHai Railway Station, the tickets sold out for Zhang Jie’s rushed, revisit opened the curtain wonderful. ShangHai Railway Station tickets sold out tour across the board rushed to Zhang Jie: "I want to" World Tour ShangHai Railway Station news, immediately triggered public concern and expectation. The ticket sales in the ticketing website after the opening, Zhang Jie’s popularity once again confirmed, all price tickets in a short time quickly sold out. The high popularity of years, sung in different periods of the classic works of accumulation, good reputation and good singing about, "Zhang Jie" makes itself become a trump card market performance. With the previous tour with the same station, a ticket is hard, "I want to tour ShangHai Railway Station in the cattle market in high heat, expensive products emerge in an endless stream. Organizers lamented Zhang Jie strong market appeal, but also repeatedly remind everyone, tickets need to be cautious to prevent deception. It is reported that, in order to give the fans a different feeling, Zhang Jie specially invited friends stylist Xie Xing, to the autumn season, for the concert re design reflect the texture of clothing. More to several co directors of the new generation Peng Yu Lun [micro-blog], in the visual aspects made many careful adjustment. The tour ShangHai Railway Station also tracks the latest update, Zhang Jie EP "more love more strong" and many classic songs are expected to sing at the scene. Zhang Jie "I think" World Tour ShangHai Railway Station – time: October 22, 2016 Venue: Shanghai Benz cultural center fare: 128098068048038028相关的主题文章: