Zhejiang is in love four years of Korean couples with G20 volunteers melia kreiling

Zhejiang is in love four years of the Korean couple with G20 volunteers Pu Hailin and Kinhana are a junior at the Zhejiang Gongshang University, in a foreign language school, a school in public. They are in love for four years, both from the Korean nationality, high school acquaintance, admitted to the same university, in the just concluded summer vacation together went to G20 volunteers. To be a better one with her, about two the individual’s acquaintance, Pu Hailin smiled shyly, "about half of high school, she was transferred to our school, coincidentally, we are not only the same, or table." Intrigued them through unsuspectingly high school, to apply for the Zhejiang Gongshang University, was admitted. G20 volunteers to sign up after the start, the king would like to participate, in such an international event, will certainly learn a lot of things." "When you see the other person shine, you will unconsciously want to be a better person to match her." So Pu Hailin accompanied Kim together with the name. G20 volunteer interview process is very strict, two people with solid grounding in the Korean skills off the five pass will be six, successfully stood on the stage of G20. Kim ha ha in the G20 registration center as a volunteer, Pu Hailin was assigned to the B20 registration center. Mutual encouragement to do a good job of G20 volunteer Kim ha ha began to volunteer work earlier than Pu Hailin, so that there was a time when two people meet very little time. Pu Hailin to the day of the Civic Center drills, gold Hannah stood there waiting for him, "like a few centuries, full of anxiety, but full of expectation." G20 volunteer work very hard, sometimes to work late. But two people think this volunteer work is very meaningful, they encourage each other to stick to it. " he likes to eat KFC, sometimes I will go to take him to eat KFC, which has been regarded as the biggest encouragement to him. " Kim ha ha said with a smile. Pu Hailin shyly said: " training time, she will come to the north of the hall to send me yogurt, feeling very warm, that day will be particularly good mood. " two people are free, they will share with each other on this day in a variety of things. Hope again to participate in volunteer activities in the months of volunteer work experience, not only let two people have many mature experience, also let the feelings between each other, once from the boys and girls love to go to the future. G20 is not the first time Pu Hailin and Kim do volunteer activities. As early as before, they signed up to participate in the Zhejiang Gongshang University Trinity enrollment volunteer activities. Kim ha ha and Pu Hailin said that in the future there is a chance, I hope to be able to participate in a number of international volunteer activities, their love and positive energy to people around the world. (correspondent Zheng Ji Wang Rufei)   want to know the latest education information, ask the education confusion, sharing educational experience and experience? Then pay attention to Sina micro-blog @ Sina Zhejiang education, reflect your aspirations and discovery;相关的主题文章: