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Zheng Saisai swept the Rio Olympic champion   Chinese; three Jinhua in the first pass – Sports – people.com.cn original title: Chinese three Jinhua in first pass Zheng Saisai celebrate the score in the game. Xinhua News Agency JINGWAH Times News (reporter Liu Xuhui) 2016 U.S. Open tennis tournament on the first day, China player Zheng Saisai challenges the Rio Olympic Games women’s singles champion Puerto Rican Puig, Zheng Saisai played very well, 2 to 0 swept again after a lapse of two years into the second round. In 2014 Zheng Saisai the first Grand Slam tournament is here and broke into the second round, Zheng Saisai in Cincinnati to participate in the Olympic Games, after the qualifying break stop now the first round of the tournament, she in the latest world rankings ranked sixty-first. The US Open, Zheng Saisai first round opponent is Puerto Rico’s Puig, who has just at the Rio Olympics upset many even grams of the Grand Slam champion won the gold medal, before the Grand Slam had made the fourth round record. Puig is the Olympic Games women’s singles gold medal winner, this is her gold medal after the first battle, two people are the same age players, this is the first time. The first game, Zheng Saisai led the circumstances behind the slow wave in the opening, with a five game winning streak play, anti leadmax out before the next city. A game, Zheng Saisai basic control, two times after the break with a lead into the ball game, Paul made the final victory, the two disc clearance to advance to the second round. The game, Zheng Saisai only in the first opening stage data in a backward, the whole in a round of score rate advantage is very obvious, the puyg serve is very difficult, which led to the two attack after serve Zheng Saisai. In addition, Zheng Saisai throughout the unforced error control in 13 times, less than the opponent’s 15 times, but also an important factor in winning. > > the voice of Zheng Saisai: pass a normal play JINGWAH Times News (reporter Liu Xuhui) in the face of the new Olympic champion Puig, Zheng Saisai two straight sets win. Zheng Saisai said he did not think too much before the game, is to play at their own pace, to win is logical. After Wimbledon, Zheng Saisai state has been showing an upward trend, in her Standford race into the top 8, qualifying at Cincinnati station successfully grabbed Lyyski before Wimbledon runner up a race seat, Zheng Saisai talked about this time since they have made adjustments, she said: "the main mentality, Wimbledon after the people are more confident and optimistic. And rely too much on the coach, and now is his own court decided how to play." Wimbledon, mainly by Ma Weikai responsible for her training work. For the victory of the game, Zheng Saisai said: I did not think too much before the game, is to enjoy the game, in the game to try to find her weaknesses, and to attack her weaknesses. Today I did a good job of tactics, did not follow her pace, with the change and the Internet so that she can not guess what I will be playing next." The success of the Olympic Games will let puyg not neglect the training, from the great joy of the Rio Olympic gold medal to come out. Zheng Saisai said, "the Olympic Games is a major event, is a new event).相关的主题文章: